Thursday, November 25, 2010

Work Shop & Tools I Love

Hammer & leaf 001

I wanted to make a post of what I am doing in my newly set up work-Art shop-studio. I need a name for it don't you think?
Here is a leaf that I cut out of tin then put some solder on it.  After that I put on some alcohol ink.  I punched holes in this leaf. I might use this leaf as a wall decoration or put it where a candle can shine through.
Do you see that ballpeen hammer?  It was my Richard's hammer. Richard is my one and only hubby who died of cancer. Here is another photo of this much used hammer.
My sweetie's hammer 001
I love that I can see where his hands held this tool. In the background you can see my handtool. It is similar to a dremel but this is what dental technicians use. I am a dental tech. So I like the feel of this in my hands. It is not too heavy. I can change burs, or mandrels at ease. You can see part of my collection of burs on that pink magnetic thingie.
My Sweetie's vise 001
Here is my Sweetie Richard's vise. It has been used a lot.  I brought it from my old house when  moved.  I have it right next to me on my work table. It's probably more heavy duty than I need but that was Richard. If a little was good then more was better.
Sketchbook & box 002
See that box?  It has a reostat on it and an electrical cord coming out?  My sweetie Richard made that for me when I got into making stained glass windows.
I use it for my soldering iron. I can regulate the heat. I put a tiny night light on it so I can see that it is on.
Other accessories in the photo are a sketchbook which I covered in soft leather and put a shell button.
Also is a model of teeth.  It is a plaster model where I designed a set of teeth with gums in wax.  Each tooth is pinned and could be removed individually, that is if I cut the wax gums. But I didn't.  I like to practice my tooth carving on models.
Work station 003
So here is my work table from a distance.  I was lucky to find the lamp with a double light. It has both incandescent and florescent. It gives good light for detail work. This is the kind of lamp we use in the lab.
That tall think you see on the left, black with a cloth bag & draw string is my magnifying glass. It has a flexible goose neck. I take off it's hat and bend it over.  When I do dental work I am always looking through this.  It has so many scratches it's crazy but loved.

When I was working in my garage studio I took a walk outside to check the weather. Here are the looming snow clouds.
Storm Coming 004
I am looking north towards Big Bear.
They were darker in person. But they were so big and cold looking.
Nov.23 looking East 001
Here I am looking east towards Yucaipa, my old stomping grounds. My family lives there now.
Highland Sky Nov.2010
And here I am looking west towards Redlands. This is taken at 5 pm. We have the best sunsets.
Brushes and tools 001
Here is a close up of some of my tools. I have a love affair with paint brushes. These are watercolor brushes. My oil painting brushes are in a cabinet. Watercolor brushes are softer and finer.  I have some that you don't even want to know the price of.  I love them.
Wall stuff 001
A couple favorite brushes are on this wall.  My wall is messy. I will work on it later.
That is a real genuine indian ax head made of stone on my wall.  My step-dad Walter made the handle and wrapped it in leather. He also made my arrows. I have 2 branding irons hanging there. And you can see half of a painting I did in 1973.
My first college work 001
This was my first college oil painting. Richard had to take a class at the college so I tagged along and took painting.  It was fun.  This painting is ok. I love the deer. I hate the bushes. They look so arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............  I have no word.

So there is a peek into my studio-work space. I need a name for my area.
To end this I will leave you with an image of Peanuts area. She had a little accident. Gotta love her creativity!!!
Garage floor 001

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP of my Paintings

I can't believe I let 2 weeks + go by without blogging.  Well I have been organizing my art area in the garage and going through a lot of old sketchbooks.
I also have begun a new sketchbook.  Here is a finished sketch/watercolor even though it's not framed, it's done.
This painting is the emotion I had all last week...............
Sad Tree 01
I've been sad because a friend died last week of a stroke. He was only 47 yrs. The same age as my late husband.

Sketch in Progress 01
This is a WIP (work in progress). I haven't touched it in the last 4 years.  I need to finish it.

Facial structures drawing
So back when I was in dental tech classes we had to take a class called: Anatomy of the Head & Neck and Oral Facial Structures. Phewwwww that is a mouthful.
But I became interested in the muscles of the face and the structure. I found a photo of a medical model showing all the muscles and that is what I was drawing. I should finish it. I kinda like it.

Moleskine #1 book
Here is my new sketchbook.  It is Moleskine.  I like it a lot. The watercolors on the yellowed paper seem to glow. I decided to paint a palette and put some of my watercolor pigments to look like the paint wells as my inside cover illustration.
 I bought the Sketch Moleskine but the paper is buckling from the water. I read that there is a Watercolor Moleskine. Cool but my Barns & Noble doesn't carry it.
Sketch Citrus Plaza
I am using the Moleskine sketchbook for location and outdoor drawings. I worked on one today.  The drawings will be quick in the moment drawings. Nothing precise. Just a quick sketch to capture the moment. Then go back and put in some color. I'm rusty so this is not so good. Practice, practice, practice........

Computer cover 08
I wanted to share my new laptop cover. It looks like an old book.  I love it. Oh and those are my reading glasses on top.  LOL
Computer cover open 01
Checkout my wallpaper.  It looks like the program Photoshop or Photo Studio. But it is real. It is made out of real items, cardboard  boxes, pencils, paintbrushes, etc.  It's so cute!!

Lastly is a photo of Peanut.  This is how she looked on Halloween. She was a leopard.
Alexis Halloween 2010
She is my cutie pie.  I just love her to death.

Goodnight Peeps and Happy Painting....