Tuesday, April 30, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 6/52

Week 6 of Happy!!!
This last week I had a very happy time going to have a pedicure with my granddaughter Peanut.  We sat in the spa chairs and they massaged our feet & calves.  They also put my feet in paraffin wax to soften my feet. I am a barefoot kind of gal.  It was a wonderful way to spend an hour. Afterwards my feet felt like new.
Look here.....

Peanut got pink with zebra stripes where as I got a neon aqua.
Carol's Toes painted 01

Alexis Toes painted 01

I don't know why I waited 57 years before getting my first pedi.  I have had about 4 of them now.  It does make a difference where you go.  The last place made my toes hurt.  I think their tools were not clean and gave me an infection.  But this last place was very clean but expensive.  BUT no infection or hurting toes.

I love my AQUA toes!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 5/52

Week 5 of 52.  I think I skipped a week in there.
I have been so busy and my life is up and down.  That is why I am Dancing in the Dark!  hahaha

What makes me happy?  This week is is picking paint colors.  I have decided to paint the inside of my home.  I will hire a painter since my ceilings are so high and I hate prepping for paint.

Right now my living room looks like this:

The mantle
Mantel Vase 02

The walls in the living room are caramel tan, green and red.
Selbuvotter Mittens NHM #3

Here is the green wall.  It is seen from the living room but it is the hallway.
Alexis in Pumpkin Hat 01

I'll get better photos later.  My bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dinning room are all white. Boring!!!
The colors that I want to paint these rooms are Cream, gray/with blue tones, and maybe a pop of teal on the island. The island has Corian counter tops. They are off white with speckles of blue, dark yellow, dark blue, red.  It really is pretty. It is called Fiesta.
It looks like this
Apple & Tomato 02

The colors I picked make me happy.  They are light and beachy. The other colors are nice but they darken at night and feel heavy. They are cozy and cabin feeling.  I need light and airy now.

Happy week 5 to everyone!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 4/52

Last Sunday was Easter. Peanut and I went to church on Saturday night so on Sunday we took Bob to the elementary school.  They have a huge grass area for the kids to play.
Easter 2013 HIghland Grove 09

Look at this beautiful day.  The school is called Highland Grove Elementary.  There use to be orange groves in this area of Highland.  This is not where Peanut goes to school.  She attends Cram Elementary.

Easter 2013 HIghland Grove 05

The mountains were so beautiful. The day was warm with a slight breeze. We got a little sunburn.  By 4 pm the clouds covered the sky and it looked like rain. 

Easter 2013 Highland Grove 01

Peanut practiced her kickball moves.  She is really good. We had a lot of fun kicking the ball.  This was a white ball and she colored it. It is beautiful.

Easter 2013 HIghland Grove 08

Easter 2013 Highland Grove 03

Since there were very few people there Bob was allowed to be free and run till he was too tired to run.  We brought his tennis ball and he chased it over and over.  What a cute dog.
Peanut put him on the leash in order to get him to go down the slide. He is not fond of the slide.  hehehe

Easter 2013 HIghland Grove 07

If you look real hard you can see Peanut and Bob on the playground.

Easter 2013 Highland Grove 04

This day made us happy.  We would have loved to spend it with our loved one but everyone was busy. Some of the invites from loved one were too sfar away to go to.  My sister had to work on Easter! darn Chevy dealership. Grrrr.   
But church was lovely saturday night. We worshiped our Lord and that he rose on the 3rd day. He LIVES!!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 3/52

Once each week for a year I will post something that made me happy that week.  This will give inspiration to me to blog more.

I love spinning this Falkland fiber.
Split Rock Ranch - Falkland 02
Sheep from the Falkland Islands.
Falkland Sheep 2

I love my garden. I planted lettuce and some herbs. I also planted a branch of raspberry that I will train to go up the tomato spirals.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 04

I love my kitties.  Above is Coraline and Charlie.
Below is Charlie.  He was sick for 10 days with a cold. But he is feeling better this week.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 03

He is a handsome kitty. I call him my sweet Baboo.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 01

Finally (after all the kitty love) A new fiber arrived this week.  It is from Germany.  The sheep are called Weisses Alpenschaf (WAS). It's semi-soft. I think I will like spinning it. 
CMF Alpenschaf Mystery fiber 04
Weisses Alpenschaf (WAS) Sheep

I haven't been posting every week like I wanted to but at least I am blogging again.  

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone.  The Lord is Good.
Praise the Lord.
Luv ya, Carol

Monday, March 18, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

I missed a couple weeks but here I am.  
Something that makes me happy is sunsets. I love to see them and I love to take photos of them.

Here is a sunset in Highland.  I only walked to the corner where I wouldn't have a house in my way.  Nature is the frame.  What I mean is the dark area above are the black clouds. The trees frame the sides and the hills frame the bottom.  It was an amazing night.
This is a December 2012 sunset.
Night sky Highland west towards San Bernardino 12/2012

Here is a sunset from January 2012.  We were on our way to church. This is in Highland looking towards Redlands.
Highland Night Sky 01

Here is a sunset that I painted.
IVTB-4-Sunset with blue 01

Here is an almost sunset at Redondo Beach. I am saying:
Praise the LORD

Again here I am at Redondo Beach in April 2010. This is why I have on a sweatshirt.
End of a wonderful day

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 1/52

I saw this on Irish Girlie Knits blog.  Once each week for a year I will post something that made me happy that week.  This will give inspiration to me to blog more.  I have been very lazy in my posting.

Spinning with friends makes me happy. I went to the spinning group and started this braid of Falkland wool.  Is is so pretty spun up.  I am about 1/3 of the way into this. I am trying to spin thin so that I can get a sport weight yarn.
Split Rock Ranch - Falkland Violet

Last week we got more snow.  This photo is from a few weeks ago but the mountains look the same.
I try to enjoy the green color on our mountains because in a few months they will be dry and brown.
In the lower mid-section of the photo is a large orange grove. I live to the right of the grove.  My backyard is next to this grove.  In April when the trees begin to bloom the air is so sweet.
Highland snow 2-20-2013 3

And lastly here is a knitting project that is making me very happy.  This is lace.  I am knitting with lace weight yarn. It is like knitting with string.  My yarn is 50% merino wool and %50 silk.  It is so soft and beautiful.  I have knit shawls before but nothing so detailed.  So this is my first lace shawl in lace weight.  I am loving it.  I did start and rip out 3 times. But now it is going very good.
The red thread is my life line.  That is incase I make a mistake or drop a stitch and can't fix it. Then I can undo the shawl back to the red thread and go from there.
Bee Fields Shawl to row 20

So there is week one of Happy.
Join in if you like.
God Bless,  Carol