Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Paintings

I'm busily working on my Imaginary Visit to the Beach classes.  This week we were given the starfish to paint and also 2 pelicans to paint.  I found the ocean water difficult. 
Here is my "before" and "after" of my starfish.  I added a lot of bubbles and sea foam to the edge of the water.  I also added some pebbles. 
carol Hoover 01
I wrote Psalm 139:17-18 on the painting.
It gives me comfort to know that God's thoughts outnumber the grains of sand. Can you imagine all the beaches in the world and the deserts, and still God's thoughts outnumber those grains?  I guess this is why he has time to think about me and my family. Thank you Lord.
So now here is Petey the Pelican.  This will be my before painting. The before paintings are to be worked on for only 45 min. Then we are instructed to take a photo.  After the photo we can go back and finish our painting.  So I will do that maybe tomorrow.  The reason we are to paint so quickly is that we are imagining that we are visiting the beach and if we were really to be sketching at the beach we would have to do it quickly before Petey flew away. 
My water is lacking.  Water can be so difficult.  With watercolor you have to be careful not to paint your whites.  If you put in a light color you have to be careful not to over paint it. Once you darken the paper in watercolor you can't go back to a lighter color.
So I left a lot of light areas. I will paint in some depth to the water.  I think some of the shadows got away from me.  the rocks above and below the water will make shadows. 
My rocks need work too.  I made them with a sea sponge. 
All in all I kinda like the painting.  Most of the girls in class and the teacher write something on the painting. But they write things like it was a journal. For example: "It was a beautiful bright day and to my surprise I saw this pair of pelicans sunning themselves."  I think I might find another bible verse.  What came to my mind was that Jesus was a fisher of men.  Any suggestions for a bible verse?

The other day I arrived home to find this....
I think that these two sweeties hear my garage door opening and come to greet me.  It cracks me up because they try to act so aloof like they don't care.  But I know that they do.  Oliver, the gray one is getting better and better. His rash is gone. He has a few spots where he scratched himself to bleeding. But those places are better. I am keeping both of them in the house 24/7.  We do have a kitty harness and leash.  We tried it out but cats just hunker down and don't want to move.  Oliver did like laying on the cool lawn.
Well that's all I have. 
Go do something creative. Have a good Memorial Day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Trip to the Beach painting class

Here is the first project for my classes: "An Imaginary Visit to the Beach"
I posted this over on the class blog but since it is private I am going to post it here.

This was really fun. I'm a stay at home grandma so I prepared for this painting while Alexis was at school.  I didn't get to actually painting till she was home. So she did homework and I painted.  It was nice. The house was so quiet. 

I didn't have all the colors that are on the list but I already have a lot invested in the paints that I do have. 98% of them are Daniel Smith Fine Watercolors.

So what I did was mix my colors to what looked like the colors in the photos. 
I may buy one or 2 of the colors on the list.  I also don't have the pen that draws in white.  So my painting is done without it. 

I discovered that my cell phone has a very nice digital timer.  I set it for 45 min. and began to paint.  After 45 min. this is what I had.
am using a watercolor block that is 7"X10".  I kept the fish to one side so the painting is 7"X6".  I wanted to leave space for writing.
I didn't have any raw sienna so I mixed yellow ochre & raw umber.
The fish is mostly burnt sienna, raw umber, moonglow and new gamboge.
The shadow is moonglow and raw umber.

I finished the painting in 66 minutes. I added a few details but I noticed that the more I was adding the more fake it was looking so I stopped. I reinforced my shadows and I did add a touch of chinese white to the starfish.
I didn't have cobalt-teal but I did have a color called duochrome cabo blue. It looks to be the same color except it has fine fine particles of sparkle.  I thought it would be ok since this was water. I also added some cobalt blue to the water. Since I didn't have the raw sienna for the sand I used yellow ochre & naples yellow. 
So here she is after 66 min.
This was really fun. 
I took a photo of my desk where I painted. I do have a lot of colors but when I go to paint outside or the beach I have a L.L.Bean tote bag and the pallets have lids and fit perfectly.  I do not take all those brushes. I pick what I like and roll them in a matt.  It looks like a sushi matt.  
Today was the first day that I have ever used the water brushes. I love them. I have to say that I didn't even touch my water container. ok, maybe once. :-)
I used the 2 water brushes, med. round & small round, and one Isabey squirrel brush very small.
I probably will paint a few more starfish.  We get our next assignment on Friday.

Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
Albert Einstein

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

So yesterday was sunny and a little cloudy. It was perfect for working in my garden.  I love this weather. It feels like the weather when we would go camping up in the High Sierras.  
Here is how the day looked yesterday...
Yes your right. These are not my work clothes. I love the colors in this shirt. They match the Van Gogh I have at the top of my blog.
Anyway, here is how the weather looked yesterday before leaving for church. (above)&(below)
A little cloudy.
You can see it is breezy.
So I wake up this morning to the sound of a HAIL STORM.  Yes, a hail storm. It was raining and then came the hail. I was yelling NO NO NO. Because although I love a good hail storm, I had just planted my baby veggies yesterday. I was scared that they would be pounded and broken.
Garden above, orange tree and lawn below.
Mini rose and ferns below
I really do love this weather but I didn't want my veggies to get broken. Alas they did not. They were stronger than I had imagined. So all is right with the world. I won't have to replant anything. 
On the topic of getting in shape. I skipped my exercise DVD for a few days. I figured that lifting and carrying big bags of garden soil was a workout and then planting the garden. I weighed myself and I have lost 3 pounds so far. I was not so good this weekend. I did eat some chinese food and then after church Saturday night, my sister Susan, Peanut and I went to have some frozen yogurt.
Susan and I were reminiscing about when we were little and we lived with my grandfather. My mom had left my father. Susan was 7 years old and I was 4 years old. We moved in with my grandpa and grandma Jane. We all went into Los Angeles every Sunday morning and spent the entire day at church. In the evening we would leave and always go to 31 flavors for an ice cream cone. I always got black licorice ice cream and Susan would get french vanilla. Yum !!!
So last night we went to Nubi and got frozen yogurt. It was our first time there. It was so delicious. We got Red Velvet cake, and other flavors.
Today Sunday is a good day to get back on track. It is hailing again outside so I think this is an indoor day. Peanut is still in her nightgown and watching a movie.
I will dance in the day, not just the dark!!!
America's Next Top Model NOT !!!!!
Have a great day. Stay warm.
Psalm 32:8-9,  The Lord says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Do not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a bit and bridle to keep it under control."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working in My Yard

Today is so great for working out in my yard. There are clouds and the sun was ducking in and out. Very pleasant for working and planting.

First of all I want to share with you my bird. There are more but I only was able to capture one on the feeder. The other one was camera shy. 
Isn't she beautiful? I think this is a girl because the one who flew away scared was a darker yellow.
This feeder was hanging outside for at least 9 months. My DIL Anne told me to be patient because it takes time for the birds to feel comfortable to come eat. I have Thistle in the feeder for finches. 
So here is my achievement with my raised garden beds.
This is the overall view, above. Below are what each garden box looks like.
So the first box is full. You have to leave space between plants because they will grow so much bigger than they are now. In this box are several tomatoes, hot peppers and bell peppers. There is some cilantro too.
The lower box is only half full. I want to put in some strawberries or maybe some herbs.
Right now the lower box has zucchini, tomatoes and a cucumber. 
This year I am trying some new varieties of tomatoes. I have planted my favorite red tomatoes, Early Girl, Celebrity, and Roma. But I added a purple tomato and a yellow one that has a lemon touch.
I have a Mexican Lime tree. This silly tree seems to think that it can only bare fruit every other year. This is going to be a fruitful year.
Can you see the little limes forming? I am so jazzed.
You say all limes are the same? 
I say no way. The Mexican lime is smaller and the flavor is more concentrated. It really does have that flavor that you get in a Margarita or in a tasty mexican meal.  They are riquisimo!!! Ole !!!
My tangerine and orange trees are not doing as well. The tangerine has some little tangerines forming.
See if you can see them?
The baby tangerines are on the left side of the photo.
When I worked in the dental lab, my boss had several trees and would bring bags of tangerines to work for us lowly technicians. I would eat them all day. 
So that is when I planted my tree. It's been 2 years and she is not growing so good.  I do live in an area of California where citrus is grown. Behind my house is acres and acres of orange groves.
We do have the bees to pollenate the blooms.
In the month of April the fragrance of orange blossoms is so strong.  At first when you get up in the morning you say "ahhhh how wonderful", then after an hour it can give you a headache because it is so strong.
Well another thing left to blog about was a tasty dinner I made the other night. It was fresh baked salmon, mashed potatoes and organic string beans. Also there is a berry smoothie I made with organic frozen mixed berries, organic vanilla soy milk, and pineapple.
I like eating simple like this. It is also easy to prepare.
Do you see the pretty silver fork? Well after my husband died I decided to use my silver flatware all the time. We were married 28 years and only used it for special occasions. I figured that he got to use it maybe 56 times.  Isn't that outrageous? Why have pretty stuff if you only let it sit in a drawer? That is crazy I tell ya.  So when I moved to my new house one year after he died (2001) I vowed to use everything and not keep anything tucked away and sacred.  Hence, the silver fork.
One more thing on my mind. First the photo.
This is Babe. She has been my dog for about 12 years. She is 16 years old as well as I can figure. I rescued her from the local animal placement center.
She was Richard's and my dog. And now she is getting so old. Her hips are very weak and when it is cold she can hardly get up. She still eats, drinks and can go find a private place to go poddy.
She is partially deaf.  Alexis and I keep her in our prayers.  She is too old to play with Alexis and she is too weak in the hips to go for a walk.
I know her time is coming. She is a good dog and a sweet dog.  Here is a photo in her hay day.
Isn't she cute?  She is a mixed breed.
My dilemma is when will I know it is time to put her down? I guess when I see her in pain. 
Poor girl. I think I hate to see her go because it is another thing that Richard and I shared that will leave.
Time changes things. More and more everything around me is not how it was when he was alive. I wonder if he would approve of what I have done with my life? Would he be proud of the woman I have become? Would I have become so involved in the word of the Lord? I'm not sure he would have gone to Calvary Chapel or to bible studies. I love going. I love listening to the pastor explain the chapters in the bible. I really love the worship music. Is it so upbeat and everyone stands up, claps and sways to the beat.
A lot of people sing with up raised hands. Why do I feel uncomfortable to do that?  I like when they do it.
That is something to think about.
Would I be this strong in my faith if Richard were alive and didn't want to go to Calvary Chapel?

Tonight I will go to church with my sister Susan. We love going. Alexis goes to the children's class. She has a good time too. Then after church we come back to my house and Susan and I will watch a movie or a designing show. Sometimes we just sit and talk.

Last week we went to Penneys to buy Peanut some shoes. Peanut & shoes is a whole other blog.
I bought some summer shirts. Yeah.
It was fun. When we got home we said that we should have stopped to buy some frozen yogurt. Maybe tonight we will.

Ok, so that is it for today. Enjoy the nature that God has given us.  Hugs and God Bless.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Purple Cardigan, Oliver Cat and other stuff....

What a beautiful day it was today.  But first here is my monkey on my back, The purple Cardi.  I cast on in Sept. 09 and I am still knitting on it.  Yes I have made several pairs of socks, a shawl and some hats in that time too.
But this cardi is really feeling like I will never finish it.  I am about 8 inches from finishing the 2nd sleeve. Then Button Bands, collar and seaming, lots of seaming. 

I am devoting a lot more time to try and get this thing done. I know that I will love it when it is done.  I really need a light weight sweater that is warmer than any other sweater I own but not as warm as a jacket.  I know it will be warm because it is 100% merino wool.  This yarn is Madelinetosh-Tosh-DK-Yarn . She dyes some very very pretty colors. I just love this yarn. I have had this sweater in and out of my knitting bag for 8 months and there is NO pilling. It is very soft yet it shows good stitch definition.
Here is my Oliver one year ago.  He is so cute.  Oh and the socks I knit for my DIL Anne. She loves to wear my hand knit socks.  The yarn is Sock That Rock and the pattern is Tadpoles.  
So today Oli had a recheck.  He was doing so good.  His tummy is still very pink. I think he is licking because it is itchy.  He still has to take his meds but only once a day.
The Vet wants me to call him with an update next week.  I think that is sweet. I have never had a Vet who showed concern like that.  The Vet still thinks that this reaction was from insects.  I'm keeping both Oli and Coraline inside.  Neither one seems to mind. They use to charge the door each time we went in and out but they seem to know that I changed the rules.  Good little kitties.  I love my kitties so.
Last week when Oli first was all swollen and red and after all the Vet procedures and we were home again, I sat and cried.  I didn't realize how much I love this kitty.  He has a personality that is very affectionate and sweet.  He is my buddy.  I am alone every evening, (peanut is in bed) and my kitties are my company.
I have come to really enjoy my time with them.  I thank God that he healed my cat.
This photo is also from last year. Oli is only about 3 months old here.
The Vet thinks that he has some siamese in him.  Maybe that is why his face is long.

This is a newer photo. It was taken Jan.2010.
These are my ying yang cats!!!
Oliver is gray and white, Coraline is a tuxedo.

I went to knit night tonight with Alexis. She played and I knit. 
The evening was warm and nice.
If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing. - 1 Corinthians 13:3 (NIV)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camel Toes and Cool Photos

I like collecting  quirky photos from the internet.  Here are some that I came across.  

Now I know what everyone is thinking when the Title of my blog says "Camel Toes." But really, this has to do with shoes.  I guess there is a group of women who like to wear Camel Toed Boots.
Is this Funky or what?  And my question is, how do your toes feel after a day of walking in these puppies?

Tell me,  Are they serious????  Who would wear these in public?
And tell me what is the purpose of a pair of these?

Maybe you could use these when your at the beach and body surfing?

Well I can show you something different that I definitely would wear.
I would wear this dress in a minute.  I would loose the little bo-peep sheep hook.
And I think the guy is dressed dorky. 
She looks like her legs could get hot but I love the dress. It is probably so soft.
I wonder if they are locks from a Wenslydale sheep?
Update on my little kitty Oliver.  He is doing very well. He is sleeping a lot. Both cats are sleeping a lot because I am not letting them go outside.
This morning they were full of beans and running all over the house. They play hide and seek with each other.  They are so funny to watch.

Yesterday I went to Rancho Cucamonga to Victoria Gardens. I went with my friend Phil.  He's a good friend now for 5 or 6 years. I have lost count.
He wanted to visit the Apple store and then we walked though a few of the stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.  I love Crate and Barrel. 
I saw a few things that would look good in my house.

My home furniture was always bought as I needed an item. It was never bought a room at a time.  Except for my bedroom I did get my bedroom set after Richard died.  My daughter in law Anne helped me pick out a set.  
After the hospital bed left my bedroom when Richard died the room was bare. I had already given our king size bed away and I couldn't imagine sleeping in a bed that big all alone.  

So all is to say, yesterday it was fun to window shop. Then we went to a BBQ place called Louise. I got a southwest salad with BBQ brisket on top. It was to die for. I ate half and then the rest for dinner.
I fell off my healthy diet yesterday and a little today.
The salad was healthy with the lettuce, avocado, corn, beans, onions...but the spicy ranch dressing was not diet.

So that is about all I have for today.
Stay sweet and be creative.
God loves you!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitty in Surgery

My poor Sweet kitty Oliver is spending his day at the veterinarian office.
Do you see his right neck area? (photo left) He is swollen. Never mind his annoyed look. He just wants to take his cat bath and I was interrupting him.
On Saturday I noticed that under his chin he had a scabby area. It looked like a rug burn that I have gotten as a kid. Well I thought that maybe he tried to jump up on the wood fence and scraped his chin.
I didn't see any swelling Sat. or Sunday. Although looking at some photos that Alexis took Sunday night I can see some swelling. Although that is his other side.
Oli what the heck is going on?
Yes he is dressed in doll clothes.
Coraline was also dressed up last night.  I think she looks like Coraline in Wonderland! She in not amused. :-)
 Then this morning I was patting him and I saw his jowl area. It was so fat.  So I called the vet near my house and they said come on in.  I crated Oliver. He was so good. We drove with only a few howls.
The Vet got us in right away. 
The nurse took the temperature and we both noticed that the swelling was going down Oli's legs.  
Oli had a little fever. He weighed in at 10 pounds. He is one year old.
This is the same vet that de-balled him a year ago when he was only 2 pounds.
Yes I think it is too little but the animal shelter will not let you adopt the cat unless they are neutered.  They do it at 2 lbs. no less.  Although they could be more if the animal was sent to the shelter as a larger cat.

The Vet came in and he agreed with me that it looks like an abscess. The Vet said that fluid was draining. 
The Vet worked on his forms and said that they would have to shave the chin area to determine if he was bitten. They may have to shave his legs.
They will probably try to drain some of the fluid. They are going to put him under (forced nap) to do what they have to do.
Oli also needs his booster shots. All in all the estimate is going to be.....
Yes that is almost $500.  I almost had a stroke.  But what can a pet owner do? I love my cat. He is only one year old. He is healthy and beautiful. So I said,"Fix him up."  He is there at the vet right now.  I pick him up tonight.
Poor kitty. I love my kitty so much.
I guess I will go put more yarn up for sale on my Ravelry page.
I'm curious of what bit him. I hope that they can figure it out.
Yesterday Oli was watching the birds outside.
I think this is how he will enjoy the great outdoors from now on. I can't afford to let him be getting hurt in the future.
This morning after I dropped of Alexis at school and before I knew that Oli was in need of medical care I went to Home Depot.
I bought some veggies for planting. There are a couple tomato plants. I found a purple tomato and a yellow one. 
I bought zucchini and a burp-less cucumber.
I also bought 12 cubic feet of garden soil.
Those are heavy. I lifted those bags (2 cubic ft each) from the pallet to my cart, from my cart to my car trunk, from my car trunk to my garage floor.
Next I will lift them from the garage to my cart and push it to the backyard.
Can this count as my exercise for today?
I'll UPDATE the news about Oliver later today. Keep him in your prayers.
Poor little Oliver.  He is home now. 
The Vet shaved his tummy, front legs and neck under the chin.
They sedated him, shaved him and then looked for something that made him swell. There were no animal bites. No infection like a foxtail. The Vet drained fluid from his leg. It was clear.  If it was cloudy it would mean an infection.
The Vet said that his tummy was very red. Also he said that there was bruising on his tummy, under his chin and on his legs.
It as like he ran through something and he had a big reaction to it.
The Vet said it was not like a chemical reaction. It was not like someone kicked him kind of bruise. It was more like he got into ants or insects and they bit him all on the tummy, legs and neck.
He had a sever reaction to the bites.  They want to see him back on Friday to check him.  The Vet had wrapped his right front arm up with a pressure bandage. I guess it had something to do with all his water retention.
Oliver had that off in the first 15 min. at home.
I called the Vet and they said just to watch him and if he gets worse to bring him in in the morning.  He seems to be doing fine.
They sent me home with medicine. A steroid for the allergic reaction and something else.  
He is going crazy not being able to eat. He even wanted my carrots. He keep asking me for food. I can feed him tomorrow.  He gets water tonight.
The good news is that they reduced my bill a lot.  It ended up costing $322.
That is better but still a lot for me.  
No Oliver, you can't have any guacamole either.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm a lot nervous with this post because I am exposing myself in a way that I don't expose myself.  But I think it is important for me to do this so that I stick to my diet.
I think I will succeed if I come clean with what I really look like.  
So here goes. (AHHHHHH !!!!)
Starting weight: 175 lbs. 

I started my new way of eating on Thursday.  I am eating a lot more veggies. I am trying to stay away from breads, my weakness, and sweets. I am not eating dessert. When I get a craving for something sweet I am letting myself have one Jolly Rancher small candy.  They take a long time to disolve and I think they are less calories than a bowl of ice cream or a handful of cookies.

So yesterday after my shower I put on my exercise clothes. I had my granddaughter take my BEFORE photos.  I really want to be honest of where I am and then I will be happy of where I end up. Thinner I hope.  
So here is me with no makeup
Carol's F2F project

No laughing. I am not wearing "Booty Pop" !!!

I'm exercising everyday. I have been doing Hip Hop Abs. I really like the DVD's. I think today I might go walking. I bought some new Nike's and I think if I change up the routine I will keep interested.

Here I am at Redondo Beach,Ca. two years ago.  It was a chilly day in March. I have my hands up saying "PRAISE THE LORD".  I want to keep this in my mind because the Lord gives me my strength. If I think of my body as Gods temple then I will want to keep it clean and in good shape.
That day on the beach was so nice. There were not very many people. Peanut had a good time and did get wet in her pretty dress. 

It would be so nice to have the beach closer where I could go walking in the sand each morning.  That is good exercise. 

You may ask, "what brought you to this place?"  And I will answer,"Grief."
I was about 135 lbs. three years ago. I was able to maintain my weight. I ate healthy and I kept busy with a full time job as a dental tech. Then a horrible day happened. I was at work and a call came in from my son. He said to call Loma Linda Hospital.  I asked what was wrong and he said they would not tell him nothing but they wanted to talk to Carol.  So I called.  They would not say anything except Sierra was there and it involved a gunshot. They would not tell me if she was alive or dead.
That was the beginning of my nightmare.  My daughter Sierra did die on her way to the hospital. She had a gunshot to her head.  After the doctor told me that I could not hear anything. His mouth was moving but my ears were ringing with "this can't be possible...wake me up from this nightmare"
My son Dustin was there and later told me everything that was said. 

I lost weight in that first month after Sierra died. People were concerned for me. I took off work for 2 weeks. But being home was too lonely. So I went back. I cried at my desk everyday.  The first week after Sierra died was filled with making arrangements for her funeral. Also I had Peanut living with me. Then the dead beat druggie dad came and took her.
So going back to work to be with friends and stay busy helped.  I stuck it out at work for over a year and then finally left. I had gotten Alexis back in a long long court battle (2 year battle) and I wanted to be home for her.

My over eating began about a month after Sierra died.  When I was home from work and late at night.  That is when I would feel the loneliness.  I can remember going through phases of liking certain foods or candies.  I ate normal meals but for example, I had some Otter Pops in my pantry. It was a huge box from Costco and had been there a year.  Well all of a sudden I put them all in the freezer and in the evening I would eat maybe 20 Otter Pops.  I guess I justified it as one Otter Pop is not to many calories.  Hahaha.  I think they are just sugar.
Then I had my Halloween candy 2009. I bought Smarties. I love Smarties since I was a little girl. We use to only get them at Halloween time. Comfort food I say. I use to open all of them and put them together by color.
Well last Halloween I didn't give any out.  We were at church for a harvest festival.
I started eating them. I would pass the bowl at night and take a handful. Then again and again.  Before I knew it there would be a pile of empty smartie papers of about 30.  Still when the Halloween smarties were gone I ran back to Target to find the big Halloween size bag. Success! I found them. I bought 2 bags.
I continued to eat them by the handfuls. The bags went empty and I couldn't find the big party bags.  
Then my sister Susan was talking to me and she said that she had her blood tested and her doctor said that she was borderline pre-diabetic.  That scared me. I was worried for her and also myself. When I would stand up after sitting my feet would hurt bad.  I could walk a little and the feeling left.  When I was laying in bed and then got up my feet hurt.  I knew that it had to be all that sugar and maybe I was pre-diabetic too.  So I stopped the big sugar intake.  I only let myself have small portions.  I have a sweet tooth. 

I know grief can take a lot of energy. I was grieving the death of my mom, dad, husband and most recently my daughter.  I didn't want to do anything. It took everything I had in me just to do my normal chores. I knew that I needed to exercise more yet my get up and go had got up and went. 
I've been this way for 3 years now. That is how long Sierra has been gone. 
I stopped dating because it just took too much energy out of me. I felt bad for the guy because I had nothing to give. I was barely surviving. 
The only men I stayed friends with were the ones who helped me, gave to me without expecting too much in return. I just had nothing to give. 
My focus 100% of the time was trying to find answers of why did Sierra die, and trying to get guardianship of Peanut. (another story for another blog).

My husband Richard was a strong guy. He worked with his father on the ranch. Some family members said that when his dad dies that Richard will be lost. I asked Richard about this. He said," I will miss my dad but dying is part of life. We're born, we live, then we die."  The cycle of life. His dad died at an early age of 66 yrs. We all thought that was so young. I would never have thought that my own husband would die even younger at the age of 47 yrs.  That is almost 20 years less than what his dad had.  Richard died of cancer.
My mom who died 4 months before Sierra use to tell me to be a duck.  What she was saying is don't let things bug me. Let them roll off my back like a duck.  My mom was a funny woman.  I really do miss her. She died too young too. She had Alzheimers. (another story for another blog). 
But her sentiment is really felt by me. She was advising me to be happy. Things happen. Life is not fair.  But we go on.
I believe that you can either stay stuck and wallow in your storms of life or you can look for that rainbow.  Life has so much to offer like a slimmer body, maybe a new man, art courses, spinning, exercise with my granddaughter.  The list is endless. 
I want to be happy. I will acknowledge my trials. I have learned so much from them. But I will strive to be happy.
Sometimes I put on my happy face and I feel like I am crying inside.  It is hard to buck up at times. But I think that before  know it that happy face turns into a true happy face and is not fake.  

Today Peanut and I packed a picnic lunch. She a sandwich and me a salad & baby carrots. She jumped on her bike and I walked. We have new shoes.
  They felt so good.  So we went to the park. We had our lunch.
 Not too many kids there so we went home the long way. It was really hot outside.  It's sort of hazy too.
It was a good day. 
Keep me in  your prayers that I stay strong and stay on my healthy weight loss routine.  Hugs to all.
Buenas Tardes Blog.......

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spinning and the BFF

I said that today I would share my spinning that I am doing.  I joined the Crown Mountain Farms fiber club. Each month we get a different type of wool. I missed January and February. I jumped in late but I am loving the 4oz bumps that are sent each month. 
Let me give all the credit for the sheep photos and the maps to Crown Mountain Farms
The first month I was in the club was March. The fiber was Shetland.  Here is the cute little sheep:
This is where they live. My fiber came directly from the Shetland Islands.
Here is what I did with my Shetland fiber.
The color is called Bannokburn.
I spun it into singles and then I 3 plied it into yarn.
Fiber length 3 to 4 inches and 25 microns.
This is so soft and yummy. I knit it into fingerless mitts.
Then in April the next fiber arrived. It was the Wensleydale fiber. Here is the handsome sheep. They have dreads!!
My fiber came directly from the Yorkshire area of England.
This long fiber is 8 to 11 inches long @ 23 microns.
I am spinning this long wool into singles. I will probably leave it in singles since it is not a soft next to the skin kind of wool.  The long fibers will hold it together as a single too. I got 2 colorways this month. The club colorway called Sunrise Over Kangchenjunga and a red-multi called Chinon that I love. Here is the fiber.

I've began the spinning with the red, Chinon colorway.
My wheel is a Lendrum double treadle. Made in Canada. I love her. Her name is Idellah after my grandma.

The fiber for May is Targhee. This is a sheep from our own USA. They are raised in Montana. 
                         The foundation stock for the Targhee is:
                    Rambouillet/Corriedale-Lincoln/Rambouilett crosses. 
The base of the Targhee is 3/4 Rambouilett fine wool and 1/4 long wool cross.

The color I chose for this fiber is called Lord of the Mountains.

              This fiber has 22 microns and a staple length of 4 1/2 inches.

Then there was a MYSTERY FIBER offer for club members. We could order but not knot what fiber or color was going to arrive.
I love it.  The fiber is called Polwarth.  It is from Argentina.

A superfine long stapled wool - 23 micron count with a staple length 
                            of 5 1/2 inches, so soft and a delight to spin.
The Ideals or Polwarth is a breed in its own rights, established 1880 when an
australian sheep farmer was cross breeding merino rams with lincoln ewes.
                                 3/4 Merino and 1/4 Lincoln = Polwarth
                                   My fiber come direct from Argentina.
Here is my fiber. The color is called Nirvana
It's the lavendar & silver roving. The other is the Wensleydale.
I need to get crack-a-lackin' because June's fiber will probably arrive at the end of May. 

I'll show you want has me busy and is keeping me from spinning.  It is this:
This is my Kenneth McNeil Cardigan. You can see that I have finished the back, the left front & right front, and one sleeve. I am half way done with the second sleeve.  Then I will have to do the button bands in seed stitch and around the neck. There is a lot of seaming but I don't mind that.
I am bothered by the skeins having different shades of purple. I did alternate the skeins as I knit. That is a hassel. I am thinking of giving it a dunk in some dye to even out the color.  The diamond pattern on the sweater turned out really nice. I like it.  It's all done with purls. You knit back and forth on this sweater.
Hahahahahah. I used Coraline to change the subject from knitting to the BFF.
So Peanut tells me that she has a boyfriend. He is her BFF. He holds her hand at school. She is only in 2nd grade and is 8 years old. Oh My Bob!!!
So I told her not to let Mikey kiss her. She said why not? I told her to wait for her wedding day. She said ok.  
The next day after school she said that she told Mikey that she can't kiss him cuz her grama told her not to.  I guess he agreed. 
On Wednesday Peanut said that Mikey didn't go to school. He was sick. Then today, Thursday she told me that Mikey came to school and then at the first recess she waked him to the nurse.  The nurse "tempertured"  him and it was 100 or more.  So Mikey went home.
She likes Mikey. She likes when she can run and the boys will keep up with her.
Mikey gave her an eraser that looks like an iPod.  She was tickled. She made him some play dough figures of him and her.  I didn't get to see them because she wrapped them up.
Well that is the story of the BFF.

On the diet news.  I am working out to the videos called HIP HOP ABS.  It is fun. I did my first workout today. I kept up ok. After 22 min. I took a break. The video is 30 min. long.  I am doing the diet too.

 I had a berry smoothy for breakfast of frozen berries, pineapple, organic vanilla soy milk and some protein powder for women.
For lunch I had salad and carrots and a taco.

Ok, tacos are not on the menu but it was leftover.
For dinner I made baked salmon, broccoli and sweet potato fries.
The fries are not on the menu either but I made them for Alexis. Turns out she says she hates them.  I ate about 3. I guess the dog and pepper chicken will get them tonight.

I'm tired. I'm still fighting this cold. I have the headache from Hades.
I drank ZERO coffee and maybe that started the headache.
I will say goodnight blog.
Sleep tight.