Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sample of Past Watercolor Paintings

Hello.  Today is beautiful and it puts me in a good mood. I love Spring.

I want to share a few of the watercolor paintings I have done in the past. Some of the older paintings are done on really cheap paper and with cheap watercolor paints. This is before I learned about quality supplies.  The cheaper supplies really do make the job of painting more difficult.  Just saying in case your starting out.  Please be kind to yourself and buy the best that you can afford.  Compare the price of paper or paint to a nice dinner out or a tank of gas.

So I want to begin with a painting I did of my sweet daughter Sierra.  She was just a girl in this painting.  She is holding our cat named George. He was a sweetheart.  I think that Sierra was about 11 years old.  I can't remember.  I painted from a photo that I took of her.
Estimate paint date 1994.
Sierra & George 001

This painting, probably painted around 1993 is of my late husband. Not late in the terms that he was late for dinner. But Richard died in 2000 of cancer. I sure miss him.  This painting is when we took a camping trip to June Lake, Ca.  That is in the High Sierra's which is where we came up with the name for our daughter.  BTW she died in 2007 tragically at the age of 23. I sure do miss her.
You can see the poor quality of this paper and paint. I was just beginning to learn to paint people. Painted from a photo I took.
Richard in June Lake 001

While we were in June Lake we took a trip up Hwy. 395 to the ghost town of Bodie.  It is amazing.  People just up and left. They left behind so much of their belongings.
Painted from my own photo.
Bodie 001

A few years later I was playing with Clay Board.  I came up with this with my watercolors.  Painted from my imagination.
Yellow Forest a001

I like nature and will paint it when it stirs up my passion for color or form.  This flower reminds me of my Grandpa "chickens" Moore.  He had a chicken ranch and he use to have this big cactus plant. He was so proud when it would bloom.  Painted from a photo in an old field guide to flowers.
Cactus flower fav 01

This painting is a photo I took. I was looking out my kitchen window on a very cold rainy day. The clouds were hovering over.  Then to the west the clouds parted a few yards and the sun shone through. It made the field of hay glow.  It was so inspiring.
My View watercolor 001

I loved the moment so much that I painted it again in oils.
My view oils a001

Back when I began to paint I tried to paint this house. I am assuming it is a beach house because of the colors.  I had found a tiny ad in the paper.  I cut out the photo and it was only 2" x 2".  I changed some colors and some of the house to suit me.  I would love to give credit to the real house but I just don't know. It was probably a real estate ad back 25 years ago.
Beach House 001

This painting is my doodling.  It is from my imagination.  It is pencil, ink and watercolor.
Eye study by carol 001

After my husband died in August of 2000, I began painting my feelings. I just wanted an outlet.  I painted this painting and then I took it to my old college professor to critic.  He told me to paint a series. So I did. This is called Death Series I
Death series 001

Death Series II .  Unfortunately it is in Mexico.  I gave it to a friend and now I am not sure if it is on a wall or in a storage box. Boo Hoo   I really love this watercolor.
#2 in Death Series

This is Death Series III on 300 LB watercolor paper, size is 30" x 24".  I like it but I am not finished with it.
Carol's death series 004

Death Series IV
Death series a003

Death Series V.  This is the most recent. I started this after my daughter died a few years ago.  She died so suddenly and so young.   This painting is done on 300 LB paper.
30" x 24" .  I am not done with this.  I am sort of stuck.  I don't like how heavy the white fog looks.  So I am pondering on what to do.
Dream 001

This painting I did when I was in a Bible study in the book of Ezekiel.  We were learning about his dream and I wanted to paint it.  I made a mistake in the wheels with eyes.  After I read the verses again I realized that the wheels should be horizontal, not vertical.
But the painting was fun.  It is watercolor and ink.
Ezekiels vision 001

That is just a few of my paintings from the past.  I will post some oil paintings soon.

Happy painting and have a great day.

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