Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Painting

Well I finished the 4th painting for the online class: Imaginary Visit to the Garden.
This week we were doing Garden Tools.  I took a couple old tools from my garage and set up a pose.  I found an old shovel with rust which I use all the time. And I found an old rusty scythe. I think this one is more of a grass and weed cutter. I floated the rose in the water bowl. The rose is from my David Austin English rose bush named Belle Story.
Here is my photo:
Scythe & shovel 011

Here is my sketch after 30 minutes:

IVTG-4 30min.

And here is my finished painting:

IVTG-4 Correction 001

In the class blog everyone was very nice and gave good compliments.  But there was something that I kept reading.  They said this is not a journal entry kind of painting.
I guess I am confused because the class is a Visit to the Garden class like when I took a Visit to the Beach. There are classes called Journal classes. This one wasn't a journal class.  I do know that in most of the lessons it is common to write on the painting a note about our visit to the garden and what we saw, how the weather was, a poem, etc.

So when I am inspired to do a painting and not write a journal entry, well I guess I am a rebel and I just do it.  Call me Rebel Carol.  I think I have always had some of that in my blood.

Happy painting and let that rebel out of you!!!


  1. Carol, you did a really nice job on this subject.
    It looks so fresh & you still have all the "earthyness" too. I do oil painting myself.
    I'm new to blogging - you can see my paintings at

  2. Blogger lost my comments and I had to repost this post. Darn Blogger. I love when friends post on my blog.

  3. Carol, I'm Katie, a fellow student in Laure's IVTG class, I was browsing other student's webpages today since I know we'll lose the IVTG site soon. I remember how beautiful I thought this painting was when you posted it there... it's just stunning! Your talent shines. I browsed through several of your posts here and was tickled at the mention of places very familiar to me. I was born in Loma Linda and grew up in Rialto, CA, and had lived in Yucaipa for 8 years before we moved our family to AZ (1996). My grandparents had a huge orange ranch in Highland, where I loved to roam and even worked at their roadside stand as a girl. I bet we know some of the same folks in Yucaipa! Both my husband and my families all still reside in So. Cal. I loved living in Yucaipa with San Gorgonio mountain as my backyard view! Small world. :)

  4. I am so in awe of what you've captured on this page. It is magical to me!! Awesome!