Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes We had FUN at the FAIR !

I showed ya'll the knitting from the L.A.County Fair but I didn't show you the fun.
So here are the photos from our fun afternoon.

After the Textile Building we watched a parade.  I love the Clydesdale team of horses:
Clysdale horses Fair 01
Clydesdales with wagon
Clydesdale horses 01
Parade at the Fair 01
 There were also marching bands and old cars in the parade.  I just like the horses best.

Then Peanut couldn't wait any longer. She put up with a couple hours in the knitting building. Now it was time for a few rides.
Alexis on Cyclone ride 02
L A County Fair- Alexis

We then found the National Parks Exhibit. It was my kind of place. I love spending time in this environment.
This is outside of the Exhibit.
Carol & Alexis at Fair
Carol & Alexis @ Fair
It was 104 degrees and we were so so so hot.
We walked inside to a cool, humid building with these Rams looking down on us.
Rams in National parks show
Deep inside we could see behind the Rams.
National Parks Exhibit
We saw a mosquito. Actually there was a wooden picnic table full of them.
Natural wasp
Peanut looks pretty with the hydrangeas.
A strange waterfall where the water ran down fiberglass fabric.
Waterfall on cloth
Here is Peanut with a very large moose.
Alexis w-moose
I think this park was Yosemite.
National forest @ Fair 01
Peanut and myself with the deer.
Peanut so beautiful.  See the deer behind her?
Alexis & deer LAcountyfair
Giant leaf fountain was strange.
Giant Leaves & others
The orchids were beautiful.
Orchids at the Fair 01
Then it was time for some food.  We went for the bbq ribs. Not real healthy with all those fries and bread.  But we were good and didn't eat any cotton candy or junk food that day.
Rib dinner at the fair
Here is Peanut after eating almost all her dinner.
Yummy Ribs
That coleslaw you see in the photo was not good. We didn't eat it.

Well we spent some time in the shopping buildings and bought a few things. Peanut got a doll and we both got a slushie cup maker thingie.

We had fun. We needed more time. We had to leave early because it was a school night and the fair is an hour drive from our house.

Thanks for looking.  Happy Knitting to you all.

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