Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Accident

Yes I had an accident. Not in a car, not in a train, I was in pain as my finger was slain.

One hour after the smack down.  11/14/11
Carol's Hurt Finger 003

I was opening a gate and it won.  It had tension on it and when I released the loop holding onto it's pole it went flying.  My finger got smacked like no tomorrow. It happened so quickly that I am not sure what exactly happened. I was the kind of pain that you feel faint and I had to sit down. I got quiet like I was in another state of mind.  The blood gushed out. At first I held this hand with my other hand and then both hands filled with blood. Peanut got me some napkins from the car.  The pain traveled all the way down my arm to the elbow. The whole arm throbbed as did my hand and finger. It was incredible pain.

I needed to get home so I composed myself and drove Peanut and myself home. I kept feeling like I wanted to cry but it didn't come till last night (2nd day).  I think I was feeling sorry for myself that I didn't have my sweet hubby here to take care of me.

Two hours after the smack down. 11/14/11
Carol's hurt finger ouch!!!

Next day after the smack down. 11/15/11
Carol's booboo day 2

Carol'sbooboo day 2

Yes it hurts. No I didn't go to the doctor.  I don't have health insurance.
I've seen my late husband and my son's get hurt like this and they never went to the doctor.  I am taking good care of my boo boo.  I put neosporine on it and keep it clean.

I will probably loose the nail.  I doubt that a doctor would remove it since the break is so close to the cuticle and the lower part is VERY connected. The skin under that part of the nail is a healthy pink.

It's annoying because this is on my right hand. I'm right handed.  It's hard to do chores, type, KNIT, and dress.
Praise the LORD that the pole didn't hit Peanut who was standing right next to me.

Strange story but related.  A couple days ago I wanted to wear a pair of earring post that my late hubby had given me. They had a beautiful garnet center stone with 4 diamonds around it and set in gold. He gave them to me for my birthday a couple years before he died.  Well a few days ago I was looking for them and I could only find one. I looked in my top drawer where I keep most of my jewelry. I looked in the trays and in the little boxes. I took EVERYTHING out of the drawer and I could not find the second earring. I pulled the dresser away from the wall to see if it fell behind. No it didn't.  I looked in the drawer below the top drawer and nothing.  I felt so bad that one was lost. It wasn't that they were probably the most expensive earrings he gave me but I was sad because he gave them to me and now he is gone and so was one of them.
Well the day after my finger accident I was sitting on my bed and I was crying. I was missing him and missing that he couldn't pamper me. I got up to get a tissue and something told me to look in the drawer again. So I did. There was the one earring that I still had.  I picked it up and held it close. Then I something told me to look in one of the little boxes that I had looked in 3 times already.  So I opened the box and right on top was the 2nd earring. Not under the other earrings that were in that box but right on top like it was laid there on purpose.
I might me a strange girl but I think it was a sign from Richard that he is with me. He is not far. He is here to comfort me.  I will never forget this story.  I love you Rich.
Earrings from Rich
Well that is the latest at Casa Carol.


  1. Oww! Eww! Don't overdo things and let yourself heal. When I lost my toenail (more than once) I bought a bottle of biotin in the hopes it would help it grow back faster!

  2. Sorry about the finger. But I truly believe that your earring went missing so that Richard could "find it" for you to show he is there. What a beautiful story.