Thursday, May 3, 2012

May is the Month to Blog More!!!!

I really got behind in my blogging.  Each time I thought to post a blog I would think of a million things that I needed to update like my knitting and it just seemed like too much.
So I will do a little each day to catch up.

Here is Charlie.  We have had him for a a couple months now. He had put on some weight and he is sweeter than ever.
Charlie Handsome 01

His favorite place to sleep is on the back of the couch. He gets himself so wedged into the cushion that he almost slides down between.
Charlie Sleeping 01

Bob is 1 1/2 years old now.  He is growing and we had a fun day on our walk to the park.  It was drizzling on this day but Bob doesn't care.
Bob on our walk 03

He has a nice big schnooz.  I love it.  This is a hat I knit. Madeline Tosh DK.
Pattern is by Anne Hanson, Matterhorn hat.  I did a few mods to make the brim heaftier.
Bob & I on our walk 04

You can see that it was a cloudy day.  It did start to pour on us on our way home.
My house is up by those mountains.
April Storm Highland 2012 01

Bob did give me a black eye a few weeks ago.  He jumped up as I was bending down.
Carol's Blackeye de Bob 05

On another walk to the park it was a warm sunny day.  Bob is my walking buddy.
Carol & Bob walk 02

My next post I will update some yarny and knitting things.
Have a great MAY.  Felic cinco de mayo!!!

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