Friday, September 3, 2010

Stranded Colorwork Socks & a Simple Scarf

I'm never sure if a knitter should say, "Stranded socks" or "Colorwork socks" or both. It may be redundant.  Oh well, Here is what I am talking about.......
Chuncho 03

I finally finished them.  It took a good 6 weeks to knit.  It was for the July Sockdown in SKA over at Ravelry .  I really like how they turned out.
Chuncho 05

The second sock was knit a tab bit bigger. I guess I just loosened up on my tension.
I really disliked doing garter stitch up at the cuff.  When you are knitting stranded, with 2 yarns in your left hand, it is so fiddly to purl.  I hate it.  So when the pattern asked for garter stitch checkerboard for the heel, well I went for stripes.  LOL.  
Chuncho 09

Do you see the wide white stripe on the heel?  That is a mistake.  I was outside watching Peanut swimming and I accidently knit an extra row of white.  I left it to be a reminder that watching a child in the pool is more important than knitting perfectly in colorwork.
You can see the wide white stripe on the top sock.

Chuncho 06 WOW

Our county fair, L.A. County Fair begins this weekend.  I can't put these sock in for competition because they had to be entered back in June.  Grrrrrrrr  I might not wear them for a whole year so that I can enter them next year.  Actually Los Angeles County is not my county, but it is the largest fair in my area.  I am living in San Bernardino County, yeah San Berdo, go San Berdo........ But they have their fair in the summer up in the desert.   I think I will be knitting and saving things for the next LA Fair.

I also was working on a Simple Things scarf.  I made it with Bugga yarn.  So soft and luscious. The color is the most beautiful blue.
Bugga Shawl 04
 This scarf is small enough that it isn't a shawl, although it is a triangle.  It will keep my neck warm this winter.
Bugga Shawl 01

The garden continues to produce well. The leaves on the zucchini are fried looking from our 100+ degree weather.  Soon I will rip out the bushes and plant some winter veggies or some lettuce which will grow in the cooler weather.  Who knows when it will cool down. We are suppose to have a very hot Labor Day weekend.

My sister Susan Susan's Blog gave me a Bromeliad.  I am not good with potted plants and she would remind me to water it.  This winter and spring I stuck it where it got rain water and flooded it a few times.  Then I forgot to bring it back close to the house in the shade and it got sunburned.  I'm a bad plant mama.  And look at what this plant did.  It gave me the most beautiful flower.  I love the little touches of purple and pink.  It's so cute.  Guess what?  It is having a baby too. Down at the base is a baby plant.

I hope you'll have a great Labor Day knitting, swimming and BBQing.
Love Carol

Stranded socks: Pattern-Chuncho, Yarn- STR, Harriet and Bait-a.
Shawlette: Pattern- Simple Thing, Yarn- The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Color- Blue Lobster.


  1. Your stranded colorwork always amazes me: the socks above, and the gorgeous tree of life mittens on your Ravelry project page. That blue Bugga! is an extraordinary beautiful color.

  2. All your knitting is the best!!!!! I love the flower. I need to go out and take some pic's of mine. Good idea!!! Have a good Labor day!