Monday, December 13, 2010

Spinning spun fun

I finished up 3 of my Crown Mountain Farms club monthly fibers.
They are all long fibers and I love them all.  They are soft except the welsh is scratchy.
So here are photos and some of BOB too.
First a pic of Bob at 4 months.
BOB 4 months 005
Here is some spinning. Finished yarn.  It's been washed, whacked, boiling water poured on it. Cold water then boiling then cold.  It was rolled in a towel and danced upon.  It is beautiful.  It has a sheen like an angel.
CMF Handspun wool Fav 003

Below is the Masham wool spun into single ply.
CMF Masham wool fav 003
 Below is the Wensleydale wool spun into single ply.
CMF Wensleydale wool 0001
Below is the Welsh wool spun into a 2 ply.
CMF Welsh wool 004

And now more Bob photos.  He is so sweet and cute.  We are in the puppy stage of chewing on everything.
BOB 4 months 006
BOB 4 months Fav 002
BOB 4 months 001
CMF Handspun wool 006


  1. Love Love Love Bob and your yarn that you spun. You are so talented. It just flows from you! You inspire me!

  2. Beautiful pup! And BEAUTIFUL yarns!

  3. Carol, are there ANY limits to your talents! I think not! I believe you can do anything you put your mind to--and you have SO much to give. I admire your strength, and your faith and your giving to your granddaughter so much. What a wonderful woman she'll be because of you.

    I have prayed that you will find a partner in life, and I know God has one out there for you. YOU deserve someone to share your life with. No--there'll never be another Richard, but I know, until you find someone, or he finds you--that Jesus is and will continue to be your constant companion!

    You have a light that just shines off the page!