Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had to post today because it is 1-11-11.  Isn't that cool.  I am assuming everyone understands but it means Jan. first, 2011.  Some countries put the day first and month second. So in that case today is 11-1-11.  Still pretty cool.

The uncool thing is that this afternoon my Peanut was under the weather.
Alexis sick & Oli

She had a headache so she took a nap. Then she woke up feeling better but she had a fever. I know that she probably picked up a bug at church on Saturday evening. Well I going to keep her home tomorrow.  Poor baby.
The cat just hunkered down to sleep with her. She is in bed now and he is on her bed. But when she wants to hold him he runs all over the house.  LOL
Alexis sick & Oliver

Now I am going to show you some of my journal painting. I am having fun with it.

Inside cover of my new book which has watercolor paper in it.
Pallet & Brush 01
Isabey Brush 01
Pallet & Brush 02
This is some of my colors but I made up that wood paintbox.  The brush is one of my favorite brushes made of squirrel in France.
Pencil & Sugar Skull 01
Sugar Skulls 01
Here is my favorite pencil and then some sugar skulls.  The pencil is real but the skulls are my imagination.  I love Day of the Dead stuff.
Waiting for Jesus 02
Waiting for Jesus 01
Here is a painting from my imagination which is easy to see that without me saying it.
The animals are looking towards the star so I call this painting, "Waiting for Jesus".
 I did this before Christmas.

Hot Cider Cup fav2
Hot Cider Fav
This is a little sketch I did when I was waiting in a coffee shop. I was drinking some yummy hot apple cider.  I tried photographing it in different lighting.
Pumpkin 01
How about a Pumpkin sitting on a Moleskein sketchbook?  Here she is.
Villiage & Pumpkin 03
There also is a little village on the left.  Just for fun.
I have gone back and painted the table. You can see faintly the lines I drew on the table. I guess I just forgot to take another photo.  I like it a lot with the table done.

One of my favorite Bible verses I wrote at the top. AND ALWAYS BE THANKFUL.
Village & Pumpkin 01
With different lighting.
It was hard to capture the orange of the pumpkin. I need more practice.

I will end with a pic of Coraline. When Peanut and Oli snuggled in the big chair, Coraline curled up on the couch. She looks like she is thinking something.  What's on your mind Coraline???
Coraline on couch

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  1. Isn't it funny how animals seem to know when your under the weather? They always then want to be close. Poor Peanut. Oliver is such a sweet boy. I also love your deer painting. It looks like a animal out of a story book. Keep it in mind for a future story. Take care kitties!