Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bob the Dog writes a letter.....

Note: my son and daughter in law have an awesome english mastiff female. My new dog Bob wanted to write her an email.  I copied it....SHHHHHHHHHH...and pasted it here.  I just thought it was so cute.  LOL

Hi Roxy, 
I wanted to send you some photos of my day today.  I had a great day at the dog park.  I had to hide from the other dogs under the picnic bench. They were so big.  I jumped onto some big men's laps. They loved me.  They said, "oohhhh a puppy".

My mom took me home and she gave me a bath. I was so embarrassed with all that stinky shampoo bubbled up on my black fur. She washed me on the front lawn and everyone could see me.  Doesn't she know that I am a modest dog?  I'm sure you understand.

After my bath she made me model for some photos.  I gave her my best regal looks.  Here are a few.  Oh and I think I am 5 months old now.  I'm a big boy.

Bob after Bath Fav 02

I'm all shinny and clean. My mom is letting me sit on her new socks she made.
She forgot my collar so I going commando right now. 

Bob & Socks

I really would like to eat her shoes and socks. To me they are cow (leather) and sheep (wool).
My favorite flavors!!!

Bob 01

Did you say smile? Ok, for you Roxy I will smile

Bob Yawning

How is this for a smile?  I wanted to show you my new teeth too.  
Well it is time for my dog nap.  Can you believe that my mom took me for 
a little walk? And she won't let me sniff the ground as I go. Phewwy, I love the 
smell of sidewalk. I can smell every dog who walked there before me.

I hope your enjoying the sunshine like I am.  Try to avoid those darn baths with shampoo.

Bob Tired

I'll see you Roxy in my dreams. Good night beautiful.  licks and kisses.  BOB

Letter from Bob H. to Roxy H. via my mom Carol H. to my aunt Anne H.....

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