Monday, August 29, 2011

You Know You’re Making Progress When--

Sierra and Carol (mom)

You Know You’re Making Progress When--
You can remember your child with a smile-- 
You realize the painful comments others make are made in ignorance--- 
You can reach out to help someone else-- 
You stop dreading holidays-- 
You can sit through a church service without crying-- 
You can concentrate on something besides your child-- 
You can find something to thank God for-- 
You can be alone in your house without it bothering you-- 
You can talk about what happened to your child without falling apart-- 
You no longer feel you have to go to the cemetery every day or every week-- 
You can tolerate the sound of a baby crying-- 
You don’t have to turn off the radio when his or her favorite music comes on-- 
You can find something to laugh about-- 
You can drive by the hospital or that intersection without screaming-- 
You no longer feel exhausted all the time-- 
You can appreciate a sunset, the smell of newly-mowed grass, the pattern on a butterfly’s wings--
~Judy Osgood 
TCF, Carmel/Indianapolis, IN


  1. Oy. What is there to say. That's so sad, and so beautiful all at the same time.

  2. ((((hugs)))) Carol. Such a beautiful photo too.

  3. Progress in small steps. My thoughts are with you. Glad that you have Peanut to make you smile.

  4. That is grown up - and I am not sure that I have made it yet!

    Pomona x