Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 brings out the Scary Cat!!!

Alexis Halloween 2011

Peanut wanted to be a cat. I love it.  She is very thin but very tall and the costume fits although it needs a few inches of length.
She did her own make-up.  I think my little girl is growing up.

AlexisCat Halloween 2011

In the spring we planted a pumpkin plant. The variety was named Jack-O-Lantern.
We only got one pumpkin on this rather big sprawling vine.
I told Peanut that it was her pumpkin plant. She watched over it like a mother expecting her first baby. She waited and waited for it to get big enough to pick.
Pumpkin in garden

We picked it in the first week of October which I used it in my autumn sock photo, Honey Badger Socks. BTW they are finished!!!
Honey Badger 25% Sk1 03

Honey Badger don't care!!! (look on YouTube to see why)
Honey Badger socks FAV!
Shhhhhhhhh!!! they are a Christmas present.

So yesterday 10/30 Peanut took her pumpkin outside to carve. She didn't want any help. See what I mean that she is growing up?  She did a very good job I must say.
Alexis carving Pumpkin 03
Alexis carving pumpkin 02
Alexis carving pumpkin 01

Mr. Pumpkin (or is she a Miss/Mrs.?) sat in our window with a battery powered votive candle.  It was so cute.
We left for the big Hallelujah party at our church.  Peanut had a blast. She did the bounce houses and the petting zoo. She did some arts and crafts and games.  Oh and she got some candy. It was very nice family fun.
Now we are home. She is tucked into bed and sleeping like a rock.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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