Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spinning up a Storm

I have been spinning like crazy around here.  I had 2 finished yarns to share with you.

I finished up my Crown Mountain Farms Club Mystery Fiber 2011 - Debouilet. I love this fiber so much that I ordered another 4 oz. I want to knit a cable cowl and matching cable mitts. This yarn finished up soft and very bouncy. I can’t stop squishing it. The color Eternity is so vibrant yet is is difficult to capture the color with the camera. 
I set out to make a 2 ply. It plied beautifully. I spun this fiber with my new Wooly Winder and I plied with the Wooly Winder too. I think it helped me spin more consistently. When one bobbin was was empty I then did an N-ply with the remainder of the other bobbin. I’m glad that I did a 2 ply on the majority of the singles because I wanted a worsted weight, not a bulky weight. But I think according to a chart I saw, any WPI less than 12 is considered Heavy. 
This yarn has been washed in Soak, rinsed in water with vinegar, (forgot to Wack it) then I  hung in the autumn sun and breezy to dry.
CMF Debouilet plied 04
Debouilet fiber 3.75 oz or 104 g. colorway: Eternity 
spun semi-woolen
2 ply - 3 1/8 oz or 96 g. 183.33 yards and 8 WPI 
3 ply - 3/8 oz. or 12 g. yardage ? 6 WPI
The 3 ply. Looks like my bush has a purple catapiller!!! 
CMF Debouilet plied 12
Here is the 2 ply
CMF Debouilet plied FAV2
CMF Debouilet plied 08
Here is the 2 ply (large skein) and the 3 ply (mini skein)
CMF Debouilet 2-3 plied 05
I finally finished my Crown Mountain Farms club fiber: Columbia.I wanted a lofty yarn so I chose to spin a semi-woolen. I let the twist come into the drafting zone. I really liked this fiber and spinning it. I did remove the big nubs but left the little ones. I really like the finished yarn. It is not super soft but soft enough for some colorwork mittens or a hat. 
This fiber is so smooshy and airy. I started out doing a 2 ply but I didn’t like it at all so I broke off the single. Then I switched over to an N-ply for the majority of the fiber. I found it funny that the 3 ply and the 2 ply almost had the same WPI (wraps per inch). I had just bought my Wooly Winder and so one bobbin was spun with it and another bobbin was with the Lendrum bobbin set up. I plied with the Wooly Winder. I love it. 
I washed with Soak, rinsed in water with vinegar, Wacked, and hung to dry outside in the fresh autumn air.
CMF Columbia outside
Total fiber weighed 3 7/8 oz or 109 g. Columbia Top, colorway: Eye of the Tiger
3 ply skein is 3 3/8 oz or 97 g. and 193.33 yards. 3 ply had 8.5 WPI 
2 ply skein is 3/8 oz or 12 g. and 20.5 yards. 2 ply had 9 WPI

Here is the 3 ply, chain pliedCMF Columbia plied 03
CMF Columbia plied 09
CMF Columbia plied 14
Here is the 2 ply that I don't like much.
CMF Columbia 2-plied 01
Here is the 3 ply and the 2 ply together.
CMF Columbia 2-3 ply 07

And here is the Columbia and the Debouilet together. 
CMF Debu Colum plied 11

So that is the hand-spun yarn.  The purple Debouilet is a worsted weight and I plan to knit IrishGirlieKnits new cowl and mitts. They are called Comfort Food. Comfort Food Cowl and Mitts.   The pattern wants to have a yarn that glows. I think the purple in my Debouilet has that quality. 
Happy Spinning!!!!

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  1. I do love the Columbia, but you're right about the purple fibre making a wonderful cowl. That's going to be gorgeous.