Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update on the Broken Fingernail

One month after "my accident"............
I know this is gross. I just want to keep a record so I can look back in a few year to see if it was really as bad as it feels.
As you remember the first photos were taken a day or two after the accident happened. My Accident
Carol's booboo day 2 03

NOW this is how I am healing.

Carol's Broken fingernail 05

The good nail is growing under the older nail.  Towards my fingertip the older nail is still very much connected like a nail should be.  Now there is a stair step between the new and the old.  It catches on things and it hurts when that happens.
Washing dishes seems to make it better.  It keeps it nice and clean.

So that is the update on the 'ol finger.
The update on Oliver, my cat, is not good.  He is still missing. I sure do miss him.


  1. Dude, i know what u mean. I have the exact broken fingernail.the healing process is amazing

  2. Hey! I had the exact same injury on my right ring finger a month ago, I just wanted to ask how much time did it take to heal completely ( for the nail to fall off)? And do you still have numbness or tenderness on the fingertip? Are you able to straighten your finger completely? Because I can only get it half way straight and the tip of my finger feels numb and tender. Thank you :D