Friday, February 24, 2012

Wedding of Carol and Richard Feb. 24, 1973

On this day, 39 years ago I married the love of my life. Richard Hoover.
He died in 2000 but I always remember our Wedding Anniversary. It was so special. Our marriage was a good marriage too.
Here are some old photos from our wedding day.
We were married at St. Francis Catholic Church in Yucaipa, Ca.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 01
Loretta was my maid of honor.  We are at the church getting ready.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 02
This is a funny picture because we were waiting to go in the church and it started to sprinkle. I didn't want my hair to get wet. This is before mouse was invented so my hair would frizz. I did have a lot of hairspray on it.
In this photo is my dad, Donald Stables, my cousin Diane and you can see my sister's profile Susan.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 03
My dad walking me down the isle. You can see a lot of friends from Yucaipa High School and lots of family. I think we had over 200 guest.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 04
Here is my Wedding Dress. It was worn by several ladies in Richard's family. The dress was made for his aunt Arlene, then it was worn by his mom Dolores. For me the dress is big. I had to wear a very padded bra and heels. The dress is still loose around the waist. The family was always trying to fatten me up so that the dress would fit.
It is a very very heavy satin. There are satin covered buttons from the neck down the back. There are the same buttons on the sleeves from the cuff to mid forearm.  The hat/headband is lace with a heart shape. The neckline is lace with a heart shape and the waist is satin in a sweetheart shape.
The priest didn't want me to wear the veil over my face so I didn't.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 05
After the long mass Richard and I were so happy to be husband and wife.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 06
Here we are for the formal photos.  Richard wore a blue tuxedo. This was different for that time where the groom always wore white and the groomsmen wore a color. I wanted to change that. So Richard is in blue and the groomsmen are in white. My father also wore a white tuxedo.

This is the little church that we attended all of our marriage, almost all. Both Richard and I and our 3 kids were baptized here. Richard's grandfather helped build this church.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 07
Here is the wedding party.
From left to right: Diane my cousin, Susan my sister, Carolyn my friend and Loretta my friend and maid of honor. My sister Heidi is the flower girl.  Then there is Carol and Richard, Jim brother of Richard and bestman, Jim a friend, Mike a friend, and Tim a friend.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 08
Meet the parents.  From left to right, Walter my step-dad, Joan my mom, Carol & Richard, Dolores mom of Richard and Herbert dad of Richard.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 09
Meet more parents.  Here is my dad Donald, his new wife of one week Cristy, Carol & Richard.

1973 Wedding Richard and Carol 10
And this is my favorite photo of all. After the long wedding ceremony and a big reception at the church we are finally making our get away.  Richard's brother and my maid of honor are in the front seat to drive us away. We are in Richard's grandparents Lincoln Continental car.   I love this photo.  Richard has that look of mischief. I am so happy.

We honeymooned in Mammoth Lakes. It was February so there was about 18 feet of snow. It was so much fun.  Maybe I will post honeymoon photos next week.

Happy anniversary Richard in Heaven. I love you always!!!


  1. I loved seeing these photos again. You and Rich looked soooo young. And the styles people wore!!!! Beautiful pictures Carol. Love ya!!

  2. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Your photos are beautiful and I can see the happiness in both of you.
    I think these special days are definitely worth remembering even when we lose loved ones. My own father passed away and I have a tradition of taking my mom out for a nice dinner on those days. I think of their anniversary as the 'birth of our family' and a very special day. Cherish your memories and thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments. It was a good day. The evening was nice. I went to knitting night and enjoyed a mocha at Starbucks. Woo Hoo. But I'm glad I got out of the house.
    Thank you again

  4. Just completely made me smile! Happy Anniversary dear Carol!

  5. Happy Anniversary. Such lovely photos!

  6. You look beautiful! You were lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I am so sorry that it was cut short, but your memories are wonderful.