Thursday, March 8, 2012

My TWSBI Fountain Pen

TWSBI italic nib 04

I am practicing with my new nib.  It is a 1.1 mm Italic nib for my TWSBI 540 Diamond Pen.
TWSBI pen 04

TWSBI pen 03

And here is the new nib.
TWSBI italic nib 08

TWSBI italic nib 07

I took a lot of photos because I love this pen so much. I love this nib a lot too.
TWSBI pen & italic nib 02
TWSBI italic nib 06

Isn't she beautiful and colorful?
TWSBI italic nib 05
TWSBI pen & italic nib 1

The nib writes very smoothly and beautifully. I enjoyed every minute of writing with it.
It writes every time I put pen to paper.  I love how this Noodlers ink flows in this pen.
TWSBI italic nib 02

Happy Fountain pen writing!!!

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