Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing Charlie kitty

We have a new member to our family.  Here he is.
Charlie 1 wk home. 2/17/12

We wanted so much to have a second house cat.

On Jan. 4th I had  brought home a kitten a few months ago.  He bit me when he got scared and saw the dog. He bit so hard that his canine tooth went through my thumbnail. That wasn't the worst of it. What was worse was his other canine went through the joint of my thumb. My thumb swelled up twice it's size. I went to Urgent Care and got an antibiotic shot in my hip, a tetanus shot in my arm and a prescription for oral antibiotics.
Cat bites are nothing to play around with. If you are bit go see a doctor. The bacteria in the mouth of a cat can put you in the hospital. I had many employees at the Vet's office tell me of having to go to the hospital and have IV antibiotics and a drain put in for the infection.
Here is my thumb.
72 hours after cat bite 02

During the week that we had Norman I could see that he was sick. I took him to the Vet and they did a test on his stool for parasites.  The test came back negative. The Vet gave me a big list of what could be wrong with him and that they could take blood and start doing a lot of testing on him.  Well I am on a very tight budget and as much as I hated to return him I did. The animal shelter had a return policy if I returned him in 3 or 4 days.
I gave them all the medicine I had paid for for him.
I looked at the other cats that needed homes but I didn't see any that wanted me so I went home cat-less.  It was a hard decision but I knew that they would have the resources to help Norman get better.

I waited over a month but the desire to have a 2nd cat kept tugging at my heart.  When Peanut was in school I went back to the animal shelter, just to look. :-) That was Feb. 10th. 2012.
There were no kittens which was ok. There were so many beautiful cats. Most of these cats were there because their owners had lost their homes and they had moved to places that didn't accept pets.  It broke my heart. I even cried for these cats. They were all in cages. It was clean, each had food and water with a blanket or towel to lay on but I knew that they were use to roaming in a nice home and sleeping on a couch or their owners bed. Now they were stuck in a little cage.
Some of the cats were very friendly and would reach out. I loved on each and every one.
Some of the cats were curled up in their cat box but they were not sleeping. Their eyes were open with a blank stare.  It was just so sad.

I had narrowed it down between 2 cats that I liked.  One was a 18 month old Tuxedo and the other was all black.  They both had good personalities.  But there was something about the tuxedo cat. He would cock his head to the side and look at me with his big eyes. He would reach out with both arms and never let his nails come out of his paws.  I decided I wanted the tuxedo cat.
So I made the arrangements and paid.  I couldn't take him at that time because he had to be neutered.  I had to wait the long weekend and then I could pick him up from the Vet.

He is a little camera shy.
Charlie can I scratch

We tried many names for him. We tried Horice, Jasper,  Samson, and some other names. He didn't respond to any.  Then we tried Charlie and he perked up. I think he liked it.

Charlie show us your handsome face.
Charlie I'm Shy

Aww come on Charlie, everyone wants to see you.
Charlie please come

Here he is.... He has an upside down heart on his nose.
Charlie FAV 01

He loves to sleep on beds.
Charlie fav

He even has managed to jump up on the refrigerator.
Charlie on Frige 01

He is the sweetest kitty in all the world. He is very loving and playful.  He loves to be with us and follows us around the house.  He is clean and is very respectful with Coraline our other kitty. She is the boss you know.
See how she just gives Charlie the stink eye and he submits?
Charlie & Coraline 05

And see how Coraline smiles about being the alpha kitty.
Charlie & Coraline 04

But Charlie is cool. He will be larger than her when he grows up but he is a gentleman.
I am in love with him already.


  1. Good for you! Charlie looks like a great cat. Hope your thumb is all better. That looks nasty.

    I had a really bad bite once by a mother cat when she had a kitten stuck in the process of birthing. She absolutely chewed the soft fork between my thumb and forefinger. I seriously cleaned and flushed it instantly, then slathered it with antibiotic ointment. It was sore and red for days, but then it cleared up. Lucky me.

  2. Charlie is so sweet and has fit nicely into your family.