Friday, October 19, 2012

Painting Autumn Leaves

I decided to use a photo that I had taken of leaves from my tree. I took this years ago.  These are maple leaves of green, red and yellow.
Autumn Leaves IVTA 2012

In the first 30 min. I sketched out the leaves and started to paint.
IVTA- Au Glow Leaf 30min

Here is my painting set up:
IVTA- Au Glow Leaf 30min2

I didn't want to paint the main leaf as red as the photo since we were working on Gold. Yet I wanted to keep the contrasts of the 3 leaves.  I have to say, the camera doesn't pick up the lights and darks of the red colors. In person one can see more values in the colors.
I spent the afternoon painting. I was enjoying getting back into painting again. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

The actual painting size is 6.75" X 5" on cold press watercolor paper.
This photo came out much brighter (neon) than the paint is in real life.
IVTA Au Glow Leaf FAV01

Then I took a black and white photo of my painting to see the values.
IVTA- Au Glow Leaf B&W

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