Monday, March 18, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 2/52

I missed a couple weeks but here I am.  
Something that makes me happy is sunsets. I love to see them and I love to take photos of them.

Here is a sunset in Highland.  I only walked to the corner where I wouldn't have a house in my way.  Nature is the frame.  What I mean is the dark area above are the black clouds. The trees frame the sides and the hills frame the bottom.  It was an amazing night.
This is a December 2012 sunset.
Night sky Highland west towards San Bernardino 12/2012

Here is a sunset from January 2012.  We were on our way to church. This is in Highland looking towards Redlands.
Highland Night Sky 01

Here is a sunset that I painted.
IVTB-4-Sunset with blue 01

Here is an almost sunset at Redondo Beach. I am saying:
Praise the LORD

Again here I am at Redondo Beach in April 2010. This is why I have on a sweatshirt.
End of a wonderful day

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