Friday, March 29, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 3/52

Once each week for a year I will post something that made me happy that week.  This will give inspiration to me to blog more.

I love spinning this Falkland fiber.
Split Rock Ranch - Falkland 02
Sheep from the Falkland Islands.
Falkland Sheep 2

I love my garden. I planted lettuce and some herbs. I also planted a branch of raspberry that I will train to go up the tomato spirals.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 04

I love my kitties.  Above is Coraline and Charlie.
Below is Charlie.  He was sick for 10 days with a cold. But he is feeling better this week.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 03

He is a handsome kitty. I call him my sweet Baboo.
Charlie Cat 2 1:2 yrs. 01

Finally (after all the kitty love) A new fiber arrived this week.  It is from Germany.  The sheep are called Weisses Alpenschaf (WAS). It's semi-soft. I think I will like spinning it. 
CMF Alpenschaf Mystery fiber 04
Weisses Alpenschaf (WAS) Sheep

I haven't been posting every week like I wanted to but at least I am blogging again.  

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone.  The Lord is Good.
Praise the Lord.
Luv ya, Carol

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