Tuesday, April 16, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 5/52

Week 5 of 52.  I think I skipped a week in there.
I have been so busy and my life is up and down.  That is why I am Dancing in the Dark!  hahaha

What makes me happy?  This week is is picking paint colors.  I have decided to paint the inside of my home.  I will hire a painter since my ceilings are so high and I hate prepping for paint.

Right now my living room looks like this:

The mantle
Mantel Vase 02

The walls in the living room are caramel tan, green and red.
Selbuvotter Mittens NHM #3

Here is the green wall.  It is seen from the living room but it is the hallway.
Alexis in Pumpkin Hat 01

I'll get better photos later.  My bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dinning room are all white. Boring!!!
The colors that I want to paint these rooms are Cream, gray/with blue tones, and maybe a pop of teal on the island. The island has Corian counter tops. They are off white with speckles of blue, dark yellow, dark blue, red.  It really is pretty. It is called Fiesta.
It looks like this
Apple & Tomato 02

The colors I picked make me happy.  They are light and beachy. The other colors are nice but they darken at night and feel heavy. They are cozy and cabin feeling.  I need light and airy now.

Happy week 5 to everyone!!!

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  1. Colour is so powerful. I completely understand how sometimes you need the right colour for your mood.