Sunday, November 9, 2014

Faux Pas with my Haircolor

So lately I have been feeling like the blonde color has been getting too light.  It seemed like it was almost the same color as my skin. I hate that.  So I went to the Family Dollar store and bought some hair color. I got a cheap brand, not my usual Garnier Nutrisse. Big mistake. I colored my hair yesterday.  I wanted a spicy color. Sort of a light brown with auburn highlights. Like I had when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's.  So I dyed it Saturday evening.
Carol's RED hair Nov 9-14 001

Wow!!! it was Orangie-Red.  I didn't like it. I think the top layer of my hair before dyeing was lighter blonde from the sun. That part turned orange like a carrot.  Really wild.
It was not a good idea to experiment on my hair the night before Sunday morning Church.  I was too embarrassed to go to church like that. It was so bright orange when I was outside.
The first thing I did on Sunday morning is drive to the dollar store and buy some good hair color.  My favorite Garnier Nutrisse. I didn't know how to tame that carrot top color but I knew maybe 
something with ash in it would calm down that orange. But ash could turn my hair green or even purple. You never know with hair color that has ash in it. The box didn't say ash but I could tell from the girl's photo on the box.  Anyway, I bought #93 which is Champagne.  I mixed up the color and put it on the top half of my head. I kinda wanted to have that spark of reddish orange on the under parts of my hair. And really the lower part of my hair didn't go orange but I nice light auburn.
Well the experiment came out good. It could be a smidge darker. But I do like it.  I'm not sure the photos show much difference but believe me. The first dye attempt was very very orange and bright.

Carol's hair color fix 01

Above is the final result.  It does look how my hair looked many years ago. I like it.  I know with each wash it will get lighter but that is ok as long as I don't see that neon orange color. 

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