Monday, December 1, 2014

My 1st SMART phone!

Ok, now don't laugh. I have been holding out jumping on the phone wagon.  My 2010 flip phone has been an old friend. I have had it for 5 years. I never needed the smartphone since I have an iPad2 and a newish MacBook Pro.  I was out of my 2 year plan with Verizon for 3 years now. It took that long to decide what to do.
But the 'ol Flip phone was starting to fail at receiving calls and messages. It just couldn't keep up with technology. 
So when Verizon offered the iPhone 5c for free I decided to jump on board. Yeah I know, the cost isn't in the phone, it's in the monthly charges.  I'm ok with the extra cost. I hate it but the phone companies have us by the neck.

She is very pretty.  I love how Apple packages their products. Everything is smooth, snug and simple.  I just love it. 
Look at this darling little box that they put the ear-buds in.
Can you believe how cute this is? They sound amazing too. But that box and the way they wind the cables so nicely. What other company pays attention to the details like this?

The only part I don't like is the time to get it set up how I want.
I am familiar with how it all works since it is so similar to the iPad.
FedX came early this morning and delivered my FREE iPhone. I tried to follow the instructions to set it up but since my Flip-phone was older I needed a Verizon store to transfer my contacts. So I drive the 23 miles to the next town.  I tell the guy to activate my new phone and de-activate the old one. He was very nice. Did the transfer thing. Then I went and did a little shopping around town with my new phone in my pocket. I felt like a million  dollars. I was hoping someone would call me. Nope, the phone was silent.
So when I get home I want to hear the phone ring. So I call it with my landline.  Long story short I discover that the phone was not activated and the old one was still working. I had to call Verizon and wait, wait, wait, wait and then a nice lady helped me.
Now everything is going good.  
I also took my first photo and started an Instagram account for the first time.  Everything is new to me with this new iPhone.
Here is my first Instagram photo

This is Charlie sitting on my new couch. He looks like a sourpuss.
He cracks me up.
So there you have it dear blog. I am a victim of the big bad techno monster. I promise to always put the phone aside at meal time and when visiting friends & family.
 Love and Hugs,  Carol

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