Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flamingo Watercolor and Garden

This is the 5th painting in my Visit to The Beach class.
I enjoyed painting this flamingo. We live on the west coast so I have never seen them at the beach.  I chose to do the head and neck because I think it is interesting.
                        Here is my before painting that I spent 30 min. on.
I decided that my painting was asking to have the green around the bird. I used under sea green because I think it compliments the flamingo.
I tried to block in most of the areas equally and not focus on any one area.
That bottom edge is my watercolor block, not my painting.
I really am happy with how this turned out. 
I spent about 45 more min. on the painting. 
Click on the photos to make them bigger or use your browser to enlarge it.
I couldn't blog without a couple photos of my kitties. Here Oliver is almost falling out of his cat tree.  They really like it. Him and Coraline
Garden Time.  Here is an update of how our garden grows.  It is doing really well. The tomatoes from seed have almost caught up to the tomatoes from Home Depot.

My bell peppers are looking funny.  I hope they unwrinkle when they grow up. Unlike me. LOL
That is Alexis' hand to show you how large the tomatoes are.
I know garden pics are boring but I'm excited to have a garden this year.
As a parting shot I give you an out of focus pic but it is cute anyway. Here are the tail "ENDs" of Oliver and Coraline.


  1. It's really interesting to see how your paintings develop. The flamingo definitely shows that you have talent. It's a watercolor, right?

    I love your cat photos--especially the one of the green-eyed Oliver.

  2. Yes Lynne it is watercolor. I love painting with it.
    I think Oliver is a photo ham. He just cracks me up.

  3. Wow Carol your garden has really taken off!!!!!! You have a green thumb!!! Wish mine was growing that well. The kitties look so cute. Love them!