Thursday, June 17, 2010

Socks in the Summer?

They are done!  I finished some pretty spring colored socks this week. 
Isn't this a pretty pattern?
It is by Carrie or on Ravelry she is Irishgirlieknits
The pattern's name is Winnie .
The yarn is from The Sanguine Gryphon
The color is called Orchid Mantis.The bugga yarns are named after bugs. Like this:
Orchid Mantis

I'm really trying to finish up all my started projects.
The sweater finished last week and these socks last Tuesday.
I already started an new pair of socks in purple.
I was digging in my sock drawer and I realized that I didn't have a pair of all purple socks.  I do have one pair in the repair basket with a hole in the heel. That doesn't count so I am knitting a new pair in Merino and 25% nylon. I'm sick of holes.
I work too have on these socks to get holes in them.
Here is the yarn for the new socks.
This is Austermann Step yarn with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil in the yarn. Your feet become soft with every step you take.  At least for 40 washes it will be there.
German yarn. They have a good idea here.
Project #2 is a small shawl made out of Bugga in a pretty blue color. 
I will post these socks and the Bugga shawl next month. These are my vacation knitting. We are on Summer vacation here.
Look at Peanut in the pool.
My sister Susan hung out with us yesterday at the pool too.
I think they were having fun.  Wow look at Peanuts hair.  That is one to keep for the future to share with future BF.  LOL
Look at this swimming Peanut Fish.  She is swimming so much better than she did last year.
If you look real hard you can see Peanuts profile underwater. She is so tickled that this year she doesn't need to wear her "gog-lers".

So back to knitting...LOL....I plan to have another shawl going this summer. I want to make another Shawl That Jazz. I really liked my last one. It is so cozy to have here on the couch to throw over my shoulders. I love the garter stitch to squish. 
Here is the first Shawl That Jazz
I love the shawl but I really don't like the color.
The color is called Count Cluck-u-la.  Look at my chicken lurking on the right.
So here is my new choice of color. Same yarn base but different color.
Introducing Atomic-6 (much darker in person)
So here is a parting shot of a Peanut, an Alligator and a pool.
I tried to ride the alligator....twice but he bucked me off.
I'll try again tomorrow.  
Good night, Buenas Noches, nos vemos pronto
Happy knitting & swimming!!!


  1. Gorgeous socks Carol!!! But fabulous family pictures!! Yay for summer...looks like you guys are enjoying yours :)

    And that Atomic 6...perfect for another shawl that Jazz!

  2. Help who is that cow at the pool?? lol
    Love love love hanging out with you guys. Your knitting is the bomb!! I love purple! Alexis is such a sweetie, she gets it from her Grandma!
    Love ya

  3. Peanut is a little doll! She's going to be a beauty, I think.