Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Babe, my dog.

Goodbye Babe. I know your in heaven with your new body. Your probably running and chasing dogs and greeting Richard and Sierra.

Here you are when you were young and had the pretty color in your fur.

When my hubby Richard was dying from cancer and he was laying in that horrible hospital bed at home on hospice, you would stand next to his bed and I would put Richard's hand on your head. Richard would caress your head and seemed to feel better. You just stood there very patiently. Such a good dog.
You got me through a lot of dark days when my hubby died and then my daughter died.  You were always there to sleep next to my bed.  I felt protected in the house.
Babe, Pepper hen May 2010
You loved children, cats, chickens, dogs but not so much men.
I don't know what your past was before I got you but I suspect a man hurt you.
Heidi and I went to YAPS, Yucaipa Animal Placement Society and you came to the fence and wanted me to pat you.  I had to take you home.
You were a good dog. You stayed home even though we had no fences at the Yucaipa house.  When we moved to Highland you didn't like when I left for work.
You chewed the fences and got out everyday.  finally you settled down.
You were so gentle when we brought home a new cat. This is you and Sally.

       As the years went by you had trouble with your hips. Getting up and down was painful for you. Once up you surprised me how fast you could move sometimes. But I know that you had pain. Winter was the worse when your bones and muscles got cold. I let you stay indoor as much as you wanted.  
In the last year you started to make a weird noise after you got a drink of water. You sounded like an old man coughing.  But you seemed to be ok.  In the last few week that noise came more often.  
Here you are on Memorial Day weekend May 2010
Here you are Babe. You are about 17 years old. Today at the Vet they said that you weighed 88 pounds. Your fur has turned gray but so has mine!
Your sweet as can be.  Monday I fed you and you didn't touch the food.  That is 3 days with no food.  You did drink water.  You slept a lot but what scared me was that you were making this horrible noise. You were breathing so hard and there was a rattle. Then you would hork and hork and phlegm would come up. 
About ever 10 to 15 min. you would do that.  When you did fall asleep there would be a puddle of saliva on the cement. You did sleep on your soft bed but last night I was worried because you just wanted to lay on the cement. I called you to come in but you would not move.  I thought you might die in the night.

You were still with us this morning.  I had called the vet yesterday and they said to bring you in this morning.  So Phil came over with his truck. He helped me to put you in.  We drove very slow so that you would not tip over. You laid down nicely and seemed to like the air.  We arrived to the vet. I gave them the info about you and then we went in the little room.  The vet agreed that your quality of life was not good.  So he said they would give you a shot and you would go to sleep.
I patted your head and gave you a hug. Then we left and I cried and cried.

I will miss you Babe.  You were a very good dog to me.
Go have fun running in heaven.  I love you. 


  1. Bless Babe's heart. She is enjoying herself now. Don't worry Carol. You will see her again.
    She was such a special dog.

  2. That was a beautiful post Carol! I just came over from Ravelry--and I'm so glad to have seen Babe. She was a beauty--and the picture with the kitty was so sweet---just like Babe!

  3. So sad... She's at peace now, probably chasing squirrels and rabbits in heaven. Her hips are not hurting her anymore as she is as free as a bird! Carol - I'll be thinking of you this weekend...

  4. thank you everyone. I'm so blessed to have good friends and family to lean on.