Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're Relaxing and Enjoying!!!!

Summer is here and we are enjoying it.  School is out and we can play, garden, knit and travel.  The weather has been great.
My garden is growing so good.  I think it grows a foot while we sleep. I wake up to veggies and big plants.  I'm so tickled.
Here is how big one of the leaves is on my zucchini.
Can you believe it?  I think it likes my new raised bed.
So here are a slue of photos of the garden.

This is the Garden 2010
Some Tomatoes
A Pumpkin
The first picking of Zucchini
Mexican Lime.
This is a smaller lime and has the taste of what you get with a margarita.
My outside kitty SoloVino with the mint on his left.
My other outside kitty, Sancho. He is camera shy.
A Rose in my garden. 
Here I am on Vacation.  More on that later.  
Summer is really relaxing.  I am enjoying it.  
I won't be enjoying it when we hit triple digits. 



  1. Your garden is the prettiest one that I've seen in any blog. Wish I had the space for something like it!

  2. Thank you Lynne. The Last photo is me in Idaho. That is a peony that is in my son's yard in American Falls. They have the weather to grow them. I wish that I did.
    My garden really did grow while I was gone. It's been very cool here for summer which I really like.