Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Today was a good day.  I love good days.  After having years of bad days it is nice that life has settled down.  I am seeing small & large gifts in the things around me.
Here is one big gift in my life.   My sister Susan.  She took me with her to our high school
reunion last night.  It was really fun. We got dressed up and had a great time. Photos by Susan.
This is Carol and Susan.
Here we have Jim and Erika Mann. They were dear friends of Richard and me from High school on.  Jim was in our wedding as one of Richard's grooms men. The are wonderful people.
These girls are Susan's BFF, from left to right, Gail, Claire and Susan.
Here is today Sunday at the class reunion picnic.  I only have a couple pictures which I took.
My dear sister Susan is on the right.  Her best friend in High School is on the left, Claire. They look so good. It is hard to believe that this is their 40 year class reunion. For me it was my 37 yr. reunion. My classmates were not at this reunion but the classmates of my late husband were there and it was so good to see them.
There are a lot more people gathered under the oak trees. It even began to rain on us.

So here is another gift I found in my yard today.  For me this is a gift.
Mushrooms.  They just appeared overnight. They are really big.
It's been humid here for a couple days. I don't know what kind of mushrooms these are. I am treating them as poison just to be safe. I did flip the big one over.
I am fascinated by them. They are so beautiful.
Look at those gills. Is that what they are called? Peanut told me that the smores are in their. LOL
Another little gift....the words that Peanut uses. When we were leaving for the park she could smell the mango lotion on me. She said "Grandma I love your da-mingo."  I said, "What?"  "your da-mingo lotion."

A long time ago I was reading about how a pastor would leave a very nice bible on a low table for the kids to touch and look at.  His guest asked how he could leave such a delicate Bible down low for kids to flip though, that they might tear the pages.
The pastor said, I want the kids to go through the Bible. I want them to see it, feel comfortable with is and the blessing would be that the children would read it.

So when we were in Idaho, Peanut was sitting in the big church.  She was bored and so I let her look at my Bible.  My bible is one with the thin pages, tabs to mark the chapters, when the Bible is closed you can see gold on the pages.  So I turned to the maps. I thought that she might like to look at the pictures.
Well Peanut turned to the scripture.  She started to read the notes that I write in the margins.  Some people won't write in their bibles.  My bible is a study bible and I want to put the notes in the bible so that I can read and study them later.  To my surprise those notes were understandable to Peanut. She was turning pages and reading what I had written.  I got tears in my eyes to see that what I had written for my eyes was helping Peanut understand the scripture.  It was a huge gift that day.
I'm so glad that I didn't keep my Bible to myself like it is too precious to be touched. 
This photo shows 1 Timothy 1
A couple years ago I went to a women's seminar with my sister Susan & my DIL Anne.  We went to see Kay Arthur . She was very good. During her talk she taught us how to mark and highlight our Bible.  I don't do all the marking she suggested but just enough so I can see the important things in the verses.
I think Peanut was interested in the colors but then she stopped to read the notes and maybe some of the verses too.  Just like the pastor I had read about. What a beautiful gift God let me see that day in church.
Peanut wasn't reading Revelations like above, but this is an example of what I do every Saturday night or Sunday morning as the pastor speaks to us.

Here is a parting shot of the mushroom's smores...... enjoy  (gills, with spores inside)

For tomorrow Happy Monday and Happy new week.


  1. I love that your granddaughter is reading your notes. I hope that will happen with mine one day when she can read. That would be a wonderful thing. I'll make sure it is where my grandkids can reach it.

  2. Didn't we have fun. It was great to see all our old friends. I'm happy you came. Those mushrooms are huge!!! How funny!
    Love ya