Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellow Tomatoes are YUMMY

Lemon Boy

 VFN Hybrid. The first lemon yellow, not golden, tomato variety. Extremely vigorous plants produce large harvests of attractive fruit that weighs 8 ozs. or more. Flavor is outstanding, mild and sweet yet tangy and definitely not bland.  Indeterminate. 72 days. Lemon Boy was very prolific, tasty and disease free in 2008 in our garden, so it gets planted again!

 Very productive. Extremely flavorful. Great in salads. Started harvesting in late May! Some cracking, but tolerable. A 

This is from: Farmer Fred Rant
Note: the letters "V" (verticillium wilt), "F" (fusarium wilt), "N" (nematode), "A"(alternaria root rot) refer to the disease or pest resistance of some of these hybrid varieties.

Now back to Carol's blog. I just say that because the above is from Farmer Fred's blog.  So I am growing several types of tomatoes. This is the first time for me to grow Lemon Boy.  So far I am very happy with him. He was the first to give fruit in the garden. I have had several good meals with him and I have even gifted some. I am still waiting on the Roma tomatoes, The Early Girl and Celebrity tomatoes to turn red.  
Our weather has been very cool this summer.  So what has happened is that the tomatoes spend a lot of time on the vine without turning red.  We did have a week of hot hot weather. All that did was make cracks in some of the tomatoes.  The tomatoes don't like going from one extreme to another. Also the hot hot weather tricks you into forgetting to keep us with watering. So you get cracks.  Mine seem ok, not too deep.
Here is a place of my Lemon Boy sliced.  I drizzled some of this 18 year old Balsamic Vinegar from "We Olive".  It is just so yummy. If you have never tried good balsamic vinegar I encourage you to try it.
Tonight Peanut and I were swimming. I put some chicken breast in a bag to marinade while we swam.  Then after a long while I began the BBQ and put the chicken on to cook.  I wanted to cook some fresh zucchini so I went over and picked 4 fresh zucchini. I then washed a medium sized one, sliced it the long way and put it on the BBQ. 
Can you get any fresher than that?  It was so good. Even Peanut gobbled it up.
Have a good Thursday!!!
Happy gardening!

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  1. If you get the urge to try another yellow tomato, I would recommend "Mountain Gold". It is a low-acid heritage tomato that I love. We buy it at a local farmer's market.