Monday, May 24, 2010

First Trip to the Beach painting class

Here is the first project for my classes: "An Imaginary Visit to the Beach"
I posted this over on the class blog but since it is private I am going to post it here.

This was really fun. I'm a stay at home grandma so I prepared for this painting while Alexis was at school.  I didn't get to actually painting till she was home. So she did homework and I painted.  It was nice. The house was so quiet. 

I didn't have all the colors that are on the list but I already have a lot invested in the paints that I do have. 98% of them are Daniel Smith Fine Watercolors.

So what I did was mix my colors to what looked like the colors in the photos. 
I may buy one or 2 of the colors on the list.  I also don't have the pen that draws in white.  So my painting is done without it. 

I discovered that my cell phone has a very nice digital timer.  I set it for 45 min. and began to paint.  After 45 min. this is what I had.
am using a watercolor block that is 7"X10".  I kept the fish to one side so the painting is 7"X6".  I wanted to leave space for writing.
I didn't have any raw sienna so I mixed yellow ochre & raw umber.
The fish is mostly burnt sienna, raw umber, moonglow and new gamboge.
The shadow is moonglow and raw umber.

I finished the painting in 66 minutes. I added a few details but I noticed that the more I was adding the more fake it was looking so I stopped. I reinforced my shadows and I did add a touch of chinese white to the starfish.
I didn't have cobalt-teal but I did have a color called duochrome cabo blue. It looks to be the same color except it has fine fine particles of sparkle.  I thought it would be ok since this was water. I also added some cobalt blue to the water. Since I didn't have the raw sienna for the sand I used yellow ochre & naples yellow. 
So here she is after 66 min.
This was really fun. 
I took a photo of my desk where I painted. I do have a lot of colors but when I go to paint outside or the beach I have a L.L.Bean tote bag and the pallets have lids and fit perfectly.  I do not take all those brushes. I pick what I like and roll them in a matt.  It looks like a sushi matt.  
Today was the first day that I have ever used the water brushes. I love them. I have to say that I didn't even touch my water container. ok, maybe once. :-)
I used the 2 water brushes, med. round & small round, and one Isabey squirrel brush very small.
I probably will paint a few more starfish.  We get our next assignment on Friday.

Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
Albert Einstein


  1. Carol it looks so cool!! You do such fantastic work. I love it!! I think it's wonderful that your painting again. Why don't you bring your paints on vacation? Just a thought.
    Love ya

  2. Hey that is a good idea. This online course is to teach me better how to paint outside on the go without bringing too many supplies.