Monday, May 3, 2010

Things that Turn a Grandma Gray--#1

Look who's home!!!!

I was making coffee this morning and I looked out the window. Who's little face did I see?  why it's Coralines. 
This little kitty waltzed in like nothing happened. She went straight for the food.....
She stuffed her mouth full of food and was happy to be home.

I picked her up and went to Alexis room. I let Coraline's little face peek into Alexis' room and Alexis squealed.  She said "I prayed last night when I was laying in my bed that she would come back."  I said, "God answers our prayers."

All cozy in her favorite sleeping spot. If you see her now she looks like a donut sound asleep.  Oliver was happy to see her too.

It's a good day at casa carol.

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