Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day and a cold

I missed some days of blogging because of this cold. It's weird that I don't mind playing on FB in country life or farmville but to stop and think deep in my heart was too much.
Mother's Day is a blessed day because I always remember when my children were born. Richard was my other half and without him I would never have been a mom. So I miss him a lot on Mother's Day.  I still have the old BBQ that he put together for me for Mother's Day over ten years ago.  It should be replaced but it was his mom's day present......On Mother's Day I am so thankful to God who gave me 3 wonderful children. It saddens me that my youngest child, Sierra is no longer with us to celebrate this day. She also was a mom to Peanut.  At times I hate these holidays because the void that Sierra left in my life is more pronounced than on an average day.  

I got a cold this weekend and it all went to my head. I am sniffing, blowing and coughing. I slept most of the weekend.  I did take a drive up to Yucaipa to see my oldest son Roland, Anne and the grandkids. Anne was sick too so Alexis and I went to visit my sister Susan .  If you click on her name you can see our visit and her big big cat Buddy. 

So I want to share the cards and gifts that my kids gave me. I include Peanut as one of my kids because she is a kid and she is mine. She is my granddaughter but I am raising her since her mommy died. 
So here is what I got....
First is a beautiful card from Bambi and Dustin, They are in Idaho living now. In the card was a special gift of $$ for me to buy yarn or needles.  
And here is a gift that Sierra gave me for Mother's Day in 2006, eight months before she died.

And here is the card that Peanut made for me at school.  This is a drawing of what I look like.  I think it is a very good likeness!! Inside the card she wrote a whole page.
Here is the folder that holds my Mother's Day present. This is also from Alexis.
Then on the inside of this folder is this..... Stationary. She made it with her fingerprint putting her finger in red paint then drawing on the ladybug parts. So cute.
She even decorated the envelopes. 

I was pretty sick all day on Mother's day so Peanut made me a cake.
She mixed flour, egg, water and sugar. Baked it in the microwave for who knows how long. Then she mixed some Splenda and water for frosting and put a candle on top. 
I blew out the candle and said I would eat the cake later.  Peanut tried to eat it but it was hard as a rock.  It ended up in the trash but it was the thought that counts, yeah?

Well that was my crazy life on Mother's Day.

I have a new interest that I want to try.  It's called Imaginary Trips. Here is the website. Imaginary Trips
You can take trips to Paris, England or the Beach.  I think the trip to Paris is sold out. I want to take the trip to The Beach. Beach Visit
I emailed Laure with my questions. I was worried that the art course would be too simple but she said there is a lot of information and I would benefit from it.  She giveS 2 assignments each week with a video.  It will run 4 weeks starting May 24th.
I use to paint all the time and now I only knit. So this will make me disciple myself to paint.  There is also a course on painting a journal.  You do leave space for writing and you add some pretty decorations to enhance your journal.  But that course doesn't begin for a few months so I probably will begin with A TRIP TO THE BEACH. I love the beach.

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  1. Awww the cake and cards are so cute. I thought about you and hoped you were feeling better. It was a good day to cuddle and get cozy. A good day to knit. I know it's a hard day for you. But you have lots of family that loves you!!!!!!