Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Terrifying or Challenging

Well I'm putting some new things on my plate.  I can either be scared and run. Or I can enjoy the adventure and take the challenge.   
Here are the two things I have on my summer List. (beginning in spring)
First is to do The Visit to the Beach art courses online.   I put links in my last post about it.
Second think has 2 parts.
Part one is to go on a clean eating diet for the next 7 days.  I will begin tomorrow.
Prepare to read about it.
Part two is to do exercise everyday.  I will let you know later what exercise I do. I don't want to jinx it by blabbing.

I'm still sick. I am sniffing, sneezing and coughing. I hate this cold.  I just had this cold a month ago. Here is how I look sick.
I had a good surprise in my mailbox today.  There was a package from Bambi. It is a sweet book about a mother and daughter.  Bambi wrote some sweet words in the front of the book and she also included a very funny but sweet card. 
The book is on the left and the card is on the right.
Inside the card it say: I thought that you could use a lift.
Look at her udders on the ground!!!!  Thank you Bambi. 
I already read the book. It is sweet.

Today I am reading my book that Susan gave me for my birthday.

The book is good. It helps you with your life and how God is part of your life. Your not alone.   Hey check out my nail polish. It is neon purple. I love it. 
Oh BTW my sweet sis Design Diva Susan gave me those place mats.  She is good at designing and picking good books. 

So my little boy has found a secret place to sleep. He is in my clothes closet.  I knew about his hiding place for about a month. One day Alexis came in and saw him there. Now she looks there all the time.  Coraline tried it out but she doesn't like it much.

Well I have some spinning news to post and that will be tomorrow along with my first day of my clean eating.  I can have coffee but no creamer or sugar. Well what is the point?  I think I will have yummy tea. 
I'm praying that my cold is gone tomorrow because I want to get my second garden planter set up and I want to go buy some plants for the planters.  I think the seedlings will take a year to grow up. 
Oh Wait, American Idol is on now. I best be going.  I think that Crystal was the best last night.  I want her to win.  I like Casey but not his singing so much, I think it is just him. He is really a nice guy and he is so handsome. But Crystal makes me want to watch her sing.  I hate her dreadlocks.  She looked pretty that one week when she put her hair up and we couldn't see the dreads.
Ok, I will scoot.  Oliver is ready to get cozy too.  Good night Blog.

Oliver sez: Why is mama's blow dryer in my sleeping place? 

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  1. Your so pretty even when your sick. I think it's wonderful that you have some new goals. It's hard to keep up, but you can do it!!!! Let me know about the cleansing thingy. And Bambi's card! What a crack up!!
    Nite Oliver! Love ya