Friday, May 7, 2010

Siestas & Socks

I've been knitting like crazy this week and finished one cable sock for the SKA group in 5 days.  I love this pattern. It was so easy to memorize. The last few pairs of socks I have knit I have had to have a large chart at my side. So this was pure pleasure to be able to knit a pretty cable pattern with only referring to the pattern now and then.  Here are a couple photos of Winnie.

Do you see how the 5X3 ribbing continues down the heel and toe? Isn't that cute?

Today as I was going outside I spotted my two big boys having a siesta. They are just so cute sleeping together.  As soon as Alexis came outside they got up and went to safety.  She doesn't hurt them but they are not sure what she will do.  Maybe they are thinking that she will give them a chicken bath?  LOL

The kitty on the left is Sancho and the brown tabby is Solo-Vino.
Sancho is 7 years old.  Solo-Vino is 10 years old.  Sancho doesn't like anyone except Solo.  But Solo loves everyone. He loves Oliver and Coraline. He is very fatherly to all cats. He will lick their heads and sleep with anyone.  He is a gigolo.
Just a gigolo, everywhere I go......

I snapped a photo of Oliver sleeping on the couch last night. He did perk up his head when he saw the camera.  I think he looks funny how he is laying on the couch. 

I didn't take any photos of Coraline today. Maybe next time.

The day was beautiful here. Mother's Day is coming. I'm a little down about it.  I miss my daughter a lot. She use to like to give me nick nacks on Mother's Day.  I miss her.  Alexis has been sassy after school and I think it was the Mother's Day project at school was getting to her emotionally.  Today she made me open the Mother's Day present.  It is so cute. I will blog about it this weekend with a photo.
I got a call from Dustin today. He is so sweet. We talk every Friday. Bambi was home and she said "Hi".  Then later I went to my mailbox and inside was a Mother's Day card and some money.  I called him and I was crying. The card is so tender and the money was so much.  He told me to go buy yarn and knitting needles.  I said maybe Alexis and I will go to the beach this weekend. Maybe.

I am very blessed to have my children. They are all so sweet. I am very proud of them.  My sister Susan came over to hang out yesterday. I love the days that she comes. We yap about everything.  We eat and watch TV.  She tells me about New Jersey Housewives.  I think she wants me to get hooked on it? LOL  All is to say is that we have fun.  
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers.


  1. Your such a fast knitter! I love the color of this sock. And the rose in the background. The pic of the boys sleeping is so cute. Great picture! I always injoy spending time at your house. I love all our talks. Your my best friend. That was so sweet of Dustin and Bambi. He's a good son.
    Love ya!

  2. Great job on the sock Carol! You'll have that done before you know it! And how cute are those kitties!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you Carol!