Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why kitty, Why?

Well we are stressed today because our little Coraline didn't come home last night. It is almost 3 pm Sunday now and she is still MIA.  She has stayed out all night before but always shows up for breakfast.   Here is our little Coraline. She is on the left. That is Oliver on the right.

So today has been rather relaxing otherwise. I am knitting on a new pair of socks. I have several pairs in progress (SIP or socks in progress) but I just had to cast on for the SKA group and because these socks are so springy feeling.
The yarn is from The Sanguine Gryphon and it's called Skinny Bugga.
The color is Orchid Mantis. The pattern is called Winnie by Irishgirlieknits. I have a link to her blog on my blog page. She is We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem.  She is so nice too.
While I was outside I had to take a photo of this mini rose. It is called Grande Finale.
Isn't she pretty?  I thought she was dead this winter. She got all brown and crispy.  But then one day this spring I saw it sprouting buds and leaves.  Praise God.

Last night I went to church with my sister Susan.  It was a nice service.  Then we came back and we are such yappy women, we stayed up till one a.m. talking.  And after she left I kept thinking of things I forgot to tell her.  

Well today is a good day except for Coraline going missing.  I just pray that she is sitting by a gopher hole and ignoring my calls.


  1. Oh no not Coraline!!! That bad girl, she needs to get home! I had a great evening with you and Peanut. It's so nice and warm today. I was just sitting outside. Think I might have sunburned the back of my neck. lol
    (red neck). Hope Coraline turns up!

  2. Poor Oli is looking all over for Coraline.