Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitty in Surgery

My poor Sweet kitty Oliver is spending his day at the veterinarian office.
Do you see his right neck area? (photo left) He is swollen. Never mind his annoyed look. He just wants to take his cat bath and I was interrupting him.
On Saturday I noticed that under his chin he had a scabby area. It looked like a rug burn that I have gotten as a kid. Well I thought that maybe he tried to jump up on the wood fence and scraped his chin.
I didn't see any swelling Sat. or Sunday. Although looking at some photos that Alexis took Sunday night I can see some swelling. Although that is his other side.
Oli what the heck is going on?
Yes he is dressed in doll clothes.
Coraline was also dressed up last night.  I think she looks like Coraline in Wonderland! She in not amused. :-)
 Then this morning I was patting him and I saw his jowl area. It was so fat.  So I called the vet near my house and they said come on in.  I crated Oliver. He was so good. We drove with only a few howls.
The Vet got us in right away. 
The nurse took the temperature and we both noticed that the swelling was going down Oli's legs.  
Oli had a little fever. He weighed in at 10 pounds. He is one year old.
This is the same vet that de-balled him a year ago when he was only 2 pounds.
Yes I think it is too little but the animal shelter will not let you adopt the cat unless they are neutered.  They do it at 2 lbs. no less.  Although they could be more if the animal was sent to the shelter as a larger cat.

The Vet came in and he agreed with me that it looks like an abscess. The Vet said that fluid was draining. 
The Vet worked on his forms and said that they would have to shave the chin area to determine if he was bitten. They may have to shave his legs.
They will probably try to drain some of the fluid. They are going to put him under (forced nap) to do what they have to do.
Oli also needs his booster shots. All in all the estimate is going to be.....
Yes that is almost $500.  I almost had a stroke.  But what can a pet owner do? I love my cat. He is only one year old. He is healthy and beautiful. So I said,"Fix him up."  He is there at the vet right now.  I pick him up tonight.
Poor kitty. I love my kitty so much.
I guess I will go put more yarn up for sale on my Ravelry page.
I'm curious of what bit him. I hope that they can figure it out.
Yesterday Oli was watching the birds outside.
I think this is how he will enjoy the great outdoors from now on. I can't afford to let him be getting hurt in the future.
This morning after I dropped of Alexis at school and before I knew that Oli was in need of medical care I went to Home Depot.
I bought some veggies for planting. There are a couple tomato plants. I found a purple tomato and a yellow one. 
I bought zucchini and a burp-less cucumber.
I also bought 12 cubic feet of garden soil.
Those are heavy. I lifted those bags (2 cubic ft each) from the pallet to my cart, from my cart to my car trunk, from my car trunk to my garage floor.
Next I will lift them from the garage to my cart and push it to the backyard.
Can this count as my exercise for today?
I'll UPDATE the news about Oliver later today. Keep him in your prayers.
Poor little Oliver.  He is home now. 
The Vet shaved his tummy, front legs and neck under the chin.
They sedated him, shaved him and then looked for something that made him swell. There were no animal bites. No infection like a foxtail. The Vet drained fluid from his leg. It was clear.  If it was cloudy it would mean an infection.
The Vet said that his tummy was very red. Also he said that there was bruising on his tummy, under his chin and on his legs.
It as like he ran through something and he had a big reaction to it.
The Vet said it was not like a chemical reaction. It was not like someone kicked him kind of bruise. It was more like he got into ants or insects and they bit him all on the tummy, legs and neck.
He had a sever reaction to the bites.  They want to see him back on Friday to check him.  The Vet had wrapped his right front arm up with a pressure bandage. I guess it had something to do with all his water retention.
Oliver had that off in the first 15 min. at home.
I called the Vet and they said just to watch him and if he gets worse to bring him in in the morning.  He seems to be doing fine.
They sent me home with medicine. A steroid for the allergic reaction and something else.  
He is going crazy not being able to eat. He even wanted my carrots. He keep asking me for food. I can feed him tomorrow.  He gets water tonight.
The good news is that they reduced my bill a lot.  It ended up costing $322.
That is better but still a lot for me.  
No Oliver, you can't have any guacamole either.


  1. Poor Oli. If he did get bit I hope they can figure out by what! He's such a sweetie!! Wow that's a lot of mula for one kitty. Let us know how he is!
    Love ya

  2. He looks much better! I guess your a house cat now Oli!!