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A post from the Past: June 27, 2008

I am transferring my blog post from Live Journal over here to Blogger. I will start with the newest first so that the last post I post will be the oldest one from LJ.  That way you can scroll down and read it in order. 2008 to 2009.

June 27, 2008

My late daughter’s friend A. or Monkeyspinner posted a photo of her friend PIPPA who made this hat in one evening. All I saw was a photo of one side of it on her head. I love this hat and the way the colors are positioned. 
I hope that I am not offending her by trying to make this hat. Autumn was a dear friend of my daughter Sierra and I am hoping she will be honored that I want to make a hat for Sierra’s daughter. And that she tells Pippa that this is who will receive the hat. 
So I did some sketching in my notebook to make something similar.

My change is by adding a black and a white stripe. 
I also did some K2P2 ribbing for the beginning.
I read about 15 different hat patterns to understand the basic knitting of hats and how many stitches to cast on for a child. 
Other than that I am winging it.

This is my first hat I have made by Knitting in all of my life.
I have never done color changes except for the scarf that I am making 

I have done some color changes in crochet but this is really different.

I have about 8 skeins of Red Heart yarn connected to this little hat. After I started this hat I read that you can't do "intarsia" with circular needles. Intarsia is when you have large color changes like a big red heart on a white background. 
I think when you have never done something new, you just jump in and if you knew how difficult it was or how it should really be done you would never start it. 

2 days of a few hours each day and I am this far.

Here is the sweater I started last Saturday. It is merino,cashmere & silk. The yarn feels so good to work with. I know it will be warm. It is my first ever sweater. This is just the bottom band.

Wednesday I dropped off Peanut for her day camp and I went to the local coffee shop and got the best cinnamon roll I have had in a long time. I love when there are a lot of layers cinnamom. Best of all the frosting was made mostly of cream cheese. Yummy. The coffee was a Mexican Mocha. They make the best coffee at this shop. The shop is privately owned, it's called Stell, they are on FaceBook.
They roast their own beans there. It is so yummy.

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