Thursday, August 23, 2012

A post from the Past: May 29, 2008 - New Knitting Needles

I am transferring my blog post from Live Journal over here to Blogger. I will start with the newest first so that the last post I post will be the oldest one from LJ.  That way you can scroll down and read it in order. 2008 to 2009.

May 29, 2008  New Knitting Needles

I'm so happy. My new Knitting Needles from Signature arrived. 

They are Beautiful with a big B. 
They are smooth and they have nice sharp points. I ordered them with a 7" length. They are US size 4 or 3.50mm. 

The Idea to use my pet as a model came from my friend seweccentric. So my kitty "Solo Vino" (means he came alone in spanish) was a model to show off my new Needles.

He seemed to like the job and he models like a pro. He is thinking of taking up knitting too!!!!!

He is a little nervous because a new kitten is coming to live with us tonight. Photos to follow tomorrow.

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