Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A post from the Past: March 29, 2009

I am transferring my blog post from Live Journal over here to Blogger. I will start with the newest first so that the last post I post will be the oldest one from LJ.  That way you can scroll down and read it in order. 

March 29, 2009

On March 26th, 2009 Peanut wanted a haircut. My sister Susan was over and she is great at haircutting. She use to work in a salon and still keeps her license current. So I asked her if she was up to cutting the Peanuts hair and she said "Sure!"

Peanuts hair was getting long. The problem with little girls hair is that it tangles so easy. They run, play, do flips, rub food in the hair, etc. It's a big job keeping long hair on a little one neat and pretty. So the solution is the haircut. Boys have it made. So for Peanut, this length of hair is so nice. She can do it herself with a little help. She just loves it. We swim everyday in the summer and the short hair doesn't get in her eyes like the long hair. 
Peanut has super thick hair.  More than 3 kids put together.  Really.
Here are more photos. Yeah! 

 Now the choice of No Bangs or Bangs. I voted for Bangs, that way we don't have to use clips or headbands. Here she is with no bangs. 

So Susan begins cutting the bangs.

And here is her finished haircut WITH Bangs. 

She looks Beautiful. And I think she looks a lot like her mommy when Sierra was a little girl. Peanut loves her bangs. 

And here she was today with a pair of socks I just finished for her.  She loves her new socks too.
She asked for pink socks with beads. 

These are a pattern I made up.  They are knit with Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Light weight fingering.
The colorway is  Heart Throb.

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